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How I lost 10kg in 10 days (diet plan)

Fast weightloss diet


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  1. idk x

    I wanna try this since I'm 82 kgs and my goal is 70 kgs.. hope it'll work out cause i really have a mouth.
    Starting tomorrow.

    Day 1: 83.2 kg, I'm ashamed to say I lost. My family bought pizzas so couldn't hold back. Not giving up tho tomorrow again.
    Day 2:

  2. purna prem

    Can I eat other fruits lyk guava and orange rather than apple

  3. Candace

    ive just got a question, do i have to stick to this meal plan forever after the weight us lost? or can i go back to eating a normal healthy diet?

  4. 015nm _

    so, should I try this too…? I'll try my best to keep u updated. Hopefully. I'll start tommorow.
    Current Weight: 57.7kg
    Target weight: 49kg

    DAY1- 56.5kg (drink 1L lemon juice, ate 1 egg:cuz I'm super busy today + not really hungry so yeah, drink green tea, 15 min cycling and of course, lots of plain water)

    guys I can't do the diet today cuz I got my ultimate craving food today and I cant resist it! Sorry! I'll start again tommorow (10/4)

  5. Jessie Johnson

    just letting you all know the photo at 48 sec is not the same because they have different phones and the background is different but i did try the diet and it works

  6. Eylül Doğan

    Finally a diet plan which I can find it’s ingredients at home

  7. Jikook Lover

    I’m starting tommorow wish me luck!!🤞🏻.

  8. Jana Banana

    Gonna try this my weight is 49kg goal 31kg wish me luck :))

  9. Muasa Harusu

    So I’m going to try it out, my goal is 40.2 kg and I’ll update you guys starting from tomorrow:

    Day 1. 47.7kg. It was a disaster everyone in my house were eating deliciously which made me kind of want some. So I ate less than 5 eggs(4eggs) and didn’t have any green tea. I don’t have an apple too so I ate guavas. In the morning I ate a little small piece of cheese and a ham. And at lunch I ate two small peice of pork and I ate a crepe in the evening. Which it’s not a successful diet for me 🙁

    Day 2. 46.8kg It worked 😀 anddddd I ruined it. I ate too much cheese D:

    Day 3. 46.7kg only 0.1 kg?! I’m not giving up! It’s easier now that I’m in quarantine.

    Day 4. 46.1kg cmon to 40!

    Day 5. 45.8kg I was starving so I ate and…

    Day 6. 45.7kg 🙁

  10. Racoon Land

    I will start tomorrow
    Start weight -100kg
    Idk wich day it is but now i am

  11. Alina

    Day 1 : 67 kg
    Day 2: 67 kg 👀 (but i won’t give up this time)
    edit: i gave up but i‘m gonna try again

  12. Savalicious gamerz

    I’m going to try this starting March 18, 2020
    Weight right now 65 kg/143 pounds
    I’ll update on march 31 💓

    Yes it worked so well I weigh 128
    pounds right now 💓

  13. Park Jordyn

    I’ll actually update my current weight is 84kg and I’m 172cm my goal weight is 63kg I’ll update each day

  14. Laura And Leasa

    I really hope this works but having so many eggs a day can be bad. Maximum for an adult it should be 2 eggs per day.

  15. ftrems

    I’m going to start tomorrow and I’ll keep you updated:)
    current weight: 49kg
    goal: 39kg

    Day 1: i had a banana,, is that fine ¿?
    but it was good
    Day 2:

  16. Md.Hasem Ali

    I am gonna start tomorrow… I am 57.4…. My goal weight 47 or 48

  17. Lemon Seok

    Is it okay to scramble to eggs? (I don’t add anything to it)

  18. K.C.xxStudios !

    Im gonna try this diet my weight is 70 kg my goal is 55 kg im also gonna do morning workout before school everyday

  19. raiz terraces

    I'm starting todaaaay 😊
    WEIGHT: 55 Kg
    GOAL: 47-50 Kg

    Day 1: 55 Kg

  20. Full sun

    i’ll be starting on monday because i don’t have a scale yet. 😳 i can’t drink green tea for lunch because i’ll be at school. 😍✋🏾 i’ll update soon

    Day 1:

  21. 【DarlingDemon】

    hey, quick question. So im ten years old and im 145 cm in height, but im 1.2 kg overweight, is there any way i could like change the eggs and oatmeal because im allergic.
    btw im 42ish kg and im really uncomfortable with my body

  22. worldwide cutie guy

    Okk so imma try this for a week because i feel really insecure about myself and kids make fun of me in school about my thighs😳… wish me luck i will try update and if it goes well this week i might try again💜😊

    Edit: 1st day i was 65kg and i weighed myself again and i am almost 64kg i do exersize as well but it was somebodies birthday and i only had 1slice of cake
    Edit2: k so i lost a kilo but i am staying with my grandma for 2 days so im gonna have to freakin stop and start all over again next monday sorry

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