You are currently viewing Tiffany Rothe's Waist Shrinking Workout

Tiffany Rothe's Waist Shrinking Workout

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Grab a towel and join me for this super fun waist workout that will work your curves. If you like the video share it with a friend. If you want over 400 awesome workouts join the Tiffany Rothe Fit Club at
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  1. Sarah Sabino

    Im a fan all of your workouts from the start 2011. So very easy and yet effective.

  2. Payal Patel

    The way you communicate with viewers, I must say you can motivate anyone..

  3. Pushkal Pandey

    A lot of love for Tiffany's workouts. I continued to follow these workouts

  4. Anshu Choudhary

    I did it once and died… Well great for learning spanish. Jajajaj… Gracias ♥♥♥

  5. Ekaterina Belova

    Please advise what is the fist music record? I love it, but Shazam couldn't help me learn whose song it is.
    I'd really appreciate!

  6. Queen LC

    Do these workouts affect the size of your hips??


    What a woman!!You are perfect to me!!Your body,your energy ,your face!!I was a dancer and i gained weight but you gave ne a motivation!!Greetings from Greece Tiffany🤗🤗🤗

  8. Marketa Mrazova

    Hi, please name of first song 😊 you are the best, Tiffany!!

  9. kiran ali

    How to tight sagging breast.nd how to get rounder shape

  10. Paulina Lebida

    You’re the best¡ l hate gym but with you I can do everything and any time ¡ thank you for all you have done ¡

  11. Bastet29

    I LOVE this workout 😍! Thank you so much Tiffany ! Kisses from France 😘.

  12. Ilaria Paris

    Hi.I'm trying to incorporate this into my daily routine, which is 50 minutes long.What if I just did this video one time?

  13. kelsey sinkala

    I love you Tiffany you make me feel great working out 😍❤️😂

  14. jkjk1027

    Omg I love you :))) I’m smiling!! Exactly what I needed… I’m gonna workout to this in a bit 👌🏽

  15. ritu bussi

    hi dear tiffany i love your workouts but i started having hip pain and lower back pain after booty shaking workout part 1 is it ok to have those pains

  16. Isabel Ramírez

    Dear Tiffany i need tone up my arms in two months. What do you recommend me? Thanks!

  17. Gracious

    Hands down one of the sexiest and most beautiful woman I know…and I'm a girl. Thanks for keeping me sexy and in shape. I work out to your videos and love them #teamtiffanyrothe

  18. yollie ndzulu

    Hi Teffany, you look beautiful girl, and love your workouts they are really helping… I'm in South Africa

  19. Cristina Botilca

    YOU. ARE. BOMB! I mean, this is workout+motivation+fun all in one. I absolutely ADORE you!

  20. Emily Butler

    Hi Tiffany! I love this video. I also really like the first song and I can't seem to find it anywhere! Do you have the name of it by chance?

  21. Donna mae Qsd

    Hi is this safe after a c section operation.? 2 weeks post opertaion

  22. Tina Mašková

    very, very and very effective exercises!! I just love your videos! I combine them and I really see the results! Thank you sooo much lovely Tiffany for your kind words during each exercise and for showing us the effective and joyful way how to get into a good shape. I just love you 🙂 THANK YOU

  23. Huệ Thu

    [ 3 mins later] Ohhh…kayyy…. Maybe I'm fine with being no one…

  24. Z. A

    your workout is the best in the world.thank you my dear i owe you so much

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