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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST WITH WATER | Water Challenge | Halima Kasumu

So I drank 14 gallons of water and let me just say I’m out of words!! I lost 3.6kg/ 8 pounds from drinking water alone without working out or eating clean. Now imagine what would happen if I eat my veggies and get myself to the gym?

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  1. __awe_dree__

    “Sometimes it is just so clear it’s like… what’s the point in flushing?”
    instantly fallowed you

  2. sophia Rapu

    I know I am just watching in 2019, but your smile is legibly beautiful. Just subscribed.

  3. Jenny Gift

    Please tell me time to drink it and time for next

  4. Jenny Gift

    What time will i drink it,
    I mean the exact time

  5. Monika Norkutė

    Wow that's insane, I was drinking 4-5l of water for 10 days now, and i lost 20 pounds😲 and my skin looks sooo much better💛 And if you are curiuos I don't think I lost any fat, cuz I look the same as I was, but it's nice to weight lighter:)

  6. Aileth Caceres

    Wait are u able to eat cause I wanna try this but still wanna eat

  7. Annie And Alex

    I drank 9 of those hydrated water bottles you can get at the store yesterday and I got a major headache

  8. satanas OwO

    you know if i drink that much water my pee pee will explode xD i mean i cant even drink one small bottle without going to the toilet every 5 mins-_- also.. do you drink one bottle of water everytime u eat? like morning evening night? bcoz its not good to drink water all the time..

  9. Avery Marie

    I can’t lose weight maybe I’m not getting enough water. 🧐

  10. jnefitema yep

    I've drank a gallon per day and work out. I do intermittent fasting but eat what I want when it's time. I've lost some pounds but I think it was because I workout so in other words drinking only water and eating junk won't help you lose weight unless you have a bomb ass high metabolism.

  11. Vera

    This was posted on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. klo69 K

    Aww your so cute and fun..I'm subbing ..

  13. angel35 Sweetmami35

    I am on my 2nd week off a gallon of water a day challenge planning to do 30 days

  14. Agbona Sandra

    Ok I am starting tmr but I don't have anyone to take my pictures, but I'll do it anyway. Thanks

  15. Tutuola Dada

    Are you sure of this?cos my tummy is big I mean real big my twin will be clocking 1year next month tried all kind of tea maybe it will work it made it worsen I just need your assurance..

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