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Health Benefits of Inositol

You’ve probably heard a few benefits of supplementing with Inositol, but there’s probably a few more facts that you haven’t heard of. We’ve got you covered, breaking down the history, purpose, and benefits of Inositol.
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  1. VanessaSimon26

    This is great! I will take it! 1,800 for the anxiety or 2,000?

  2. Rolco X

    Thank you handsome great information.

  3. Soulhart11

    Can anyone tell me if myo-inositol is a grain sugar alcohol? Like if I’m sensitive to sugar is this going to cause reactions if I take myo-inositol?

  4. Myles Pestka

    Hopefully this gets more hits. You come across as one of the last real educated and good guys in the industry. Be persistent. You’ll get more views.

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