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Try This 100 Day Challenge and Watch Your Life Change

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  1. Ender

    I found this way that I think will work. I was replying to a comment and accidentally found this method for myself lol
    Here it is:

    You can list down all your goals or habits that you want to acquire and then write down why you can’t or don’t feel the motivation to do it. Then work your way to fix your problems.

  2. Kiran Mishra

    1.workout along with meditation
    2. Journal writing
    3. Daily 10 pages Book reading

  3. Havva Nur

    1-studying korean
    3-reading Quran

  4. kibbitznbitz

    Meditate. Exercise. Prepare my own food. Extras: Look my best. Singing. Budgeting.

  5. Steven A

    – working out
    – meditating
    – reading

  6. Linda M.

    I got 3 minutes into this video, stopped it and went to work on something I'd been avoiding. Spent an hour on it!! I'll finish watching the video now, lol! Thx.

  7. Linda M.

    "Value the goal more than you value the way you feel right now" Brilliant, thank you for that!!

  8. Animax

    01-Working out/eating healthy
    03-learning Japanese

  9. VanielDeeform

    My Action Plan Habits are:
    • Writing in my journal.
    • Guitar Practice.
    • Working Out.
    • Meditation.

  10. Kry Myst

    1-new job
    2-New Lifestyle
    3-learning Arabic

    Thanks great video!

  11. Yossi Lavy

    1- Studying French
    2- Exercising daily
    3- Revive my marriage

  12. madiha awan

    You; the best!! I'm blessed to have your teachings right now in my life. Thankyou Alex!! 😇

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