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Get Healthy With Me | Learning To Run + New Fitness Goals

*Get Healthy With Me | Learning To Run + New Fitness Goals *

Today i am sharing my second video in my get healthy with me series. Today i talked how i have started to run and some fitness goals i want to achieve this year. We also did a little activewear haul from lorna jane!

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We are a young family that live in Perth, Australia.
I started YouTube late 2014 – and have made so many changes through out my YouTube journey but am happy where I am and I am LOVING IT!
I capture all of the great times, the struggles we encounter & the hilarious times we have together!

My husband (Jason) & I have been married for 3 years after meeting each other online. In April 2016 we welcomed our handsome son Frederick into the world! He has grown into a cheeky, full of energy, loving personality little boy.

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  1. Hello Mama

    love this! way to go running everyday! I wish it was warm here so I could go outside and at least walk lol. love the active wear you got!

  2. Lauren Bailey

    Hi ya 🙂
    I've just found your channel and I am really loving your vlogs! LOOOOVE the Lorna Jane outfit <3

    I'm wondering what microphone you use on your camera?…I use a DSLR for my vlogs…and I'm starting to think that maybe I should invest in a microphone…especially for when I am out exploring 🙂

    Getting fit right there with you! x

  3. Julie G

    Running is rough. I do 30 min on the treadmill before my lift workout. It kills my soul, I burn more calories lifting. I do 20g of carbs before my workouts, only carbs of the day. Lost 15lbs since Nov. Every little bit counts, even walking the shops, cleaning and playing with Freddy.

  4. Elle skip

    Great vlog hun, I'm so proud of you also thank you for always talking back to us on instagram not a lot of you tubers do that. !

  5. Julie P

    I am a runner (marathons, trail runs, road running etc) and triathlete. I really recommend downloading a good running app such as MapMyRun to track your fitness. I also recommend you do the same distance consistently (eg 5km every Saturday) even if you walk/jog/run it. If you do this consistently, you will gradually be able to do the whole distance you have chosen without stopping. I also recommend picking a distance that is big/long enough so that there is much opportunity to grow stronger (5km is a good distance for beginners!). Environment is also important; for this reason I do not recommend track or loop runs. Running the same track over and over again is mentally tough especially for a beginner so pick a trail/road that has enough environment to challenge your mind & distract you. Running has the opportunity to change your life; stick with it and you will reap the benefits!

  6. Carol Gillis

    I admire you, I can't even get my lazy butt up to even walk for the mail.. It is winter here and we have lots of snow.. Nice to see your little family having time together… Love from Canada girl xoxoc

  7. A K

    Those Lorna Jane leggings! They're so flattering. I'm looking for a super high-waisted pair. What style name are they Aimee? …good luck with your fitness and health journey! It feels the right time to start, a little time after the mad rush of New Year 🙂

  8. parkerose

    Ooooo I’m early!!! I need to get back into working out 😅

  9. Annie Liz

    Am I going crazy or have I ajresdy seen this vlog?!

  10. Sarah Mae

    As a long distance runner (I run a few half marathons each year), the BEST advice I have for new runners is to find a 'lap'. For example- that 'lap' might be a loop around your block that is 300m long. Get outside and set a goal of how many times you run that 'loop'. You can stop at the end of the loop, but you CAN'T stop during it. You might set a goal to run that 300m lap 10 times and you can take as long as you need between laps, but never stop during it.
    Before you know it, your 'laps' can become longer in distance and or you can increase the amount of laps you do.

    Of the people I have given advice to- this method seems to work best. It creates an 'achievable short goal' and isn't as intimidating as 'running for 30 minutes straight' or 'running for '5km without stopping'.

    I still practice this method today. Every morning I have my 1.5km 'lap' and I do 7 laps at the fastest pace I can. It makes me work harder because I know that I can stop when I get to the end of the lap.

    Hope this helps! Keep up the great job!

  11. Belinda Plug

    Does Jason still do FIFO? He seems to be in the vlogs lots more lately 🙂

  12. Sally Parker

    You are looking so good Aimee. You will smash your goals this year! Also I think there may have been some double up of footage. I'm sure I watched you go shopping and try on that active wear a few days ago? I might totally be making that up but I am fairly certain I did haha

  13. Amber Lorraine

    Omg yes girl!!! Your giving me so much inspiration 🥰Those outfits look amazing your looking great! I do that card thing with working out too and it kills! Your killing it!

  14. Katya

    I dont do cardio apart from walking at the shops ! xD Girll you know me too well xD

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