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The Secret to ACTUALLY Reaching Your Goals

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Based on the principles of positive psychology, The 6-Minute Diary helps you pursue your goals and move towards the right direction continuously and proactively. With doable portions of 3 minutes in the morning and 3 in the evening, you cultivate happiness by focussing on the good things in and around you. Grow personally through daily reflections and positive habits, and see for yourself how the powerful effects spill over into other areas of your life.

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  1. Maryam Haydar

    so whats the secret? you need to get to the point faster

  2. Brenda Owens Visuals

    It is speculated Einstein was on the Autism spectrum scale (Asperger's) and his getting lost would be likely if he was.

  3. lijum angu

    does anyone really maintain such a diary ! hats off to such people…so much of mental/emotional discipline to do that i guess.. but one thing..i just cant believe that people really do all this stuff…so much of sanity in daily life …thumbs up

  4. John M

    Einstein used to have his address stitched inside his coat, since he frequently forgot where he lived…

  5. Nick McClung

    Related to this a lot towards the end. Great help.

  6. Samuel Swenson

    If you have to remind yourself constantly that you have to do something than you don't really want to do it and it's not a habit but a ritual. Habits should be done pretty much without any real conscious effort whatsoever or they are not habits at all.

  7. That’s A. Moret

    I prefer the “5 minute journal” created by Intelligent Change ⚡️

  8. shitmandood

    That's a nice looking book, but I'm a little annoyed they don't have a Kindle version. I've got leftover vacation days I'm burning now so I'm off for the next two weeks. I'm hoping to read a few self-help books, do some online training (self-help, stock investing, & musicianship), & of course the daily practice & learning new material of my guitar (which I consider to be like a Jedi practicing his lightsaber). This boon of extra time makes me realize just how much stuff there is to do that is beneficial to me & not just vegging out in front of the TV binge-watching a new series. And I've noticed there's a few good TV series that I'm interested in that always manage to show up when I'm deciding to take my time off!!

  9. Mind Now

    You said it, if you can find something that you love and not only love, but the PROCESS! Then you have found it

    Thank you Alex!

    Winny out… for now 😉

  10. Animepro100

    The 5 minute journal > the 5 second journal > the 6 minute diary

  11. AMaeTV

    Love your videos! So authentic and helpful. One of my favorite affirmations is ‘your experiences are enough’…

  12. Nice Stuff

    Maaaaannnn I needed this so much. Perfrect timing. I thought I found my dream job, but have to push myself everyday to do it, even though I like it I don't love it. Time to listen to my inner voice, lets see…

  13. liquidfists1

    Hey, what's the full music sound track that is at the beginning of the video? ID Like to play it after my meditation

  14. Damien Casoni

    Have you check EVO planner? What do you think about it?

  15. Alien Storytell

    You inspired me to make my own channel thank you so much for the value!!

  16. Brainstorm

    Love + Grit. I like that formula and I can definitely find myself in there. Gotta keep up the grit side some more!

  17. State of Ferg

    Awesome video. I'm just getting into using my journal for my YouTube channel goals.

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