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How to Start an Exercise Program with Chronic Fatigue?

If you are dealing with chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue or fatigue caused from other chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia ext., you have probably wanted to know how you can safely and effectively start working out again in a consistent exercise program that will help you feel and look better fast. If so watch this quick video to get some good tips and tricks. If you enjoy it please share it with your other friends going through similar issues so we can hep more people feel better naturally. Thanks for watching!

Cocolime Fitness offers super effective workouts for people dealing with chronic pain & fatigue issues who want to feel and look better fast! (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid Issues, Hashimotos Syndrome, Joint Pain, Depression & Anxiety and Insomnia) It is also for people who get bored easily and want variety in their workouts and no repetition in their routines, and for people who hate doing stressful, exhausting high intensity workouts but who still want super effective routines that are medium intensity and easy to perform.

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  1. HistoryMovieCritic

    Good advice. One of my doctors pushed me to exercise too much and I had a major crash. I should have never listened to her. I changed doctors after that.

  2. Emily Linstrom

    Thank you for the wise advice!
    I think I do too much on my good days and then am paying for it later on with more fatigue and pain.
    I like your balanced approach. I’m going to try implementing this for a month (like you suggested) and see how I feel.
    Thank you Suzanne!
    You are an inspiration!

  3. Redwing

    Thank you so much for this video. Im so glad to have found your channel. I especially like your advice about not getting influenced by all the voices are there. It is easy to think that if something is on YT it must be easy to do. Perhaps the plus side of chronic illness is finding the gentle voice of reason….

  4. TNmtn Morning

    I'm looking forward to starting your program. Such a wonderful thing you're doing for the chronic illness world. It's hard to know where to start or how much to do. Everytime i feel well enough to try i end up causing a flare and am down for days. I think I've been overdoing it. This gives me a starting place and a routine to follow. Just want my energy and body back! Thank you!! 😊

  5. Christianne McCall

    Definitely agree to seeing results. I’ve been consistently using your program since May and definitely see a difference in my 44 year old body! The CFS kicks my butt a lot of the days, but honestly, I feel worse if I don’t do SOMETHING. Even stretches. Thank you Suzanne!

  6. Matt Stone

    I appreciate the sentiments here, but I really think you totally missed the mark here. What I've found to be effective is eliminating exercise that exceeds the lactate threshold. Having fatigue for a long time, and being overweight (most of us), much of what we consider "taking it easy" is more strenuous than we think. For example, I went to the driving range to hit some golf balls and found that I about keeled over. I got totally wrecked from it. Or, going so slow on the elliptical that it keeps shutting off and beeping at me at the gym was enough to put my heart rate over 150 BPM in just 90 seconds. Had to stop immediately.

    What seems to be working for me (and I have had SEVERE post-exertional malaise the last 5 years), is a very regimented and precise approach using a heart rate monitor, based on the Maffetone Method. 180 minus your age minus an additional 10 beats for those in rough condition. I'm 41, so that target working heart rate is 129. I exercise on a treadmill at the gym, try to exercise every single day, and I spend about 7 minutes slowly working up to that heart rate and then maintain it for the whole cardio session. I started at 10 minutes per day and added a minute a week up until 30 minutes. Now adding one minute per month.

    It's working great! I think if you need a day off from your workout, you are working out too hard! Compound exercises are the WORST for fatigue, as are pretty much all forms of weight training because it generates too much lactic acid and triggers a very strong stress response that worsens fatigue. The more muscles you incorporate, the most oxygen demand and the higher the heart rate (and the faster the heart rate climbs during the exercise).

    What people with fatigue need is a VERY methodical, systematic approach that cautiously guards against anything that sets off the physiological stress alarm. They can't just do a work out willy nilly. In fact, with fatigue, it often feels so amazing when your adrenaline kicks in during exercise, that overdoing it is almost guaranteed! Fatiguers need to be restrained from hard exercise in a scientific, measurable way.

    Slowly building back up a cardio base has been a god send, and I've never once been out of breath or even felt like I'm exercising really, yet my fitness has probably tripled in just a few months.

    Not only is my fitness improving, but my stress tolerance is improving and post exertional malaise is decreasing. I've gone from only being able to concentrate doing work for one hour per day and being unable to do any exercise to exercising nearly every day for 40+ minutes and working 5-6 hours every night with no negative consequences. Added some weights back in as well, but really have to take it easy.

    And taking it easy with weights is also really misunderstood! When people are trying to take it easy with resistance exercise, they tend to choose lighter weights, do more reps, and produce a ton more lactic acid and cardiopulmonary demand! It's backwards! The easiest workout is HEAVY weight and only doing 3-5 reps. You don't even get out of breath at all, or feel tired after. No overtraining fatigue or sleep issues the following day or anything like that.

    Anyway, hopefully some will read this, try it, and validate that this is an effective, repeatable approach for most who suffer from fatigue. It's a self-perpetuating illness because poor fitness makes it worse, and the worse your fitness gets, the more negative are the symptoms you experience when you exert yourself, which then makes you exercise even less, which causes you to spiral down further and further, becoming increasingly hypersensitive. I hope others can discover a way out of it as I have (so far, knock on wood).

  7. Sabatini Trema

    Thank you very much..this video is inspiring…I am so sad cause I can't do hardcore exercise like everyone else and just feel like exercises that I've been done are not good enough…I will do it on my own pace then,as you suggested 😊
    All Personal Trainer that I've been worked with in the past always push me to surpass my limits while I have some weird hormonal health problems and mental health issues

  8. lilli

    How can I warm up my muscle before stretching? My muscles are very thight

  9. Asma Khatun

    I just wanna hug you and kiss your cheeks sister…for so long I've had this condition.. I felt doomed, depressed and ugly…

  10. Omg I can’t believe I’ve found this video it makes so much sense! Thank you so much for very real advice not magic or do this and do that. Thank you 🙏🏼

  11. Deana Hendrickson

    I can’t sleep,
    Due to fibro
    I am
    Ready to workout but I know from experience that it needs to b small. I usually go to a pool and move.

  12. Ash H

    Thank you so much for all the great content on your channel. Hearing someone reaffirm that it’s okay to go slower and easier helps with the mental aspect. Fibromyalgia has stripped me of my physical and mental health but I’m getting it back one motivational workout at a time. Again, thank you!

  13. Ariah Holmes

    THANKYOU so much for this video. I’ve had ME/CFS for 4 years and fitness is one of the hardest parts of it. This has definitely helped inspire me.

  14. Lady Fantyse

    Thanks for your understanding and encouraging words 😊

  15. Sarah-Jayne

    Thank you so much for this video! I never comment on vids but this is so useful and so compassionate <3

  16. Maleah Clark

    I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and the hardest thing for me is learning to slow way down and pace myself. Could you do a series for those of us who totally tanked our bodies and need to do really simple for about 10 minutes at a time? The hardest thing for me is to quit a third of a way through a workout. If I do, I am depressed and anxious because I don’t want to be a quitter, but if I finish, I’m in bed for two or three days not able to function. Thank you!

  17. Lauren Mcclellan

    Hey! Thank you so much for making this channel! I have been on a journey of healing for about 5 years now to heal my chronic adrenal fatigue and most recently diagnosed stage 2 Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I have tried to change my diet, got a gym membership and personal trainer (he worked me too hard and I didn't want to go back), make lifestyle changes, and look at my health holistically. My true passion in life is health, fitness, and wellness, and I am so thrilled to have found your channel. I feel like so many people don't understand these conditions and most doctors have told me I'm fine and the typical "eat better" and "exercise", with little to no real guidance so I set out on my own to figure it out for myself. I have been reading the Hashimoto's Protocol by Dr. Izabella Wentz and have a great start from a nutrition stand point. I've gotten very down on myself for not being able to do what my friends or beloved social media contacts can do, so thank you for letting us all know that that is OKAY. I can't wait to get started with your channel, and thank you so much for not charging for it even though it is well worth more money than I could come up with. You are an amazing person and such a great role model for all of us suffering from these debilitating diseases and conditions. Much love to you!

  18. Tina Porubsky

    I wish I saw this video before I signed up for classes at the health club last fall, last winter, last spring, etc. . You described me to a T. I learned that lesson the hard way & wholeheartedly agree with your suggestions.

  19. E Shady

    I see I'm not the only one that cries when we find you. I already shouted out to you on Insta, twice. I swear I"m not trying to kiss your butt, but also, I am. I've had these questions for 7 years now and maybe I knew some of this stuff intuitively, but because this is an incredibly lonely and isolated struggle, I just thought I was lazy and didn't try hard enough. I used to lift for hours daily? Why can't I build back up? And every time I thought I was ready to do so, like you said, I got fatter and sicker from the repercussions of over exhaustion. There are days I cannot even do a leg lift at home and felt pressure to power through and couldn't walk the next day. Your advice, which I'm sure you've educated yourself and learned the hard way, is paramount. It's incredibly validating and I think I needed that. Take a day off. I knew that, but I didn't want to give myself permission. To hear you got healthier by being patient, it makes me want to be patient as well. Some of the things you suggest, I had no idea. You said our bodies are smart.. Mine is kind of dumb. It doesn't listen well, so I will follow your advice, and probably watch these over and over, because brain fog will make me forget lol. Anyway, I want to share this with you, so you can feel proud and motivated and healthier to continue what you do. You're going to change lives.

  20. little crazy bee

    Hey sweetie… dearest Suzanne… wonderful suggestion…you are always so informative…I exactly follow this pattern. But without taking alternative day off I prefer to workout regularly….but yaa I always listen to my body..not pushing myself so much….I take one day active rest…means doing your stretching workouts….I am a fan of martial arts… every week I try to practice it at least for one day ….I prefer to perform your MIIT every alternative day followed by strength training….
    I have two questions…how strength training help to deal with fibromyalgia…how many days a week you need to do? When to do it I mean after or before cardio and which is best to build muscle ….low weight high repetition or higher weight and lower repetition?
    And your lip color is just gorgeous…love from India.. Soumi 😄😘

  21. Rachel Kemppe

    I just stumbled upon your channel an hour ago, and I'm almost in tears with gratitude! Eight years now I've been struggling with fibromyalgia or whatever is going on, and it has changed me on the inside and out. Mentally it's been exhausting and confusing, physically it's been depressing and frustrating. Thank you so much for creating this channel. I've never been so hopeful to finally be on the path to managing my symptoms. And you are giving these gems of advice for free! How kind of you. 🙏🏻

  22. Robyn Tattersall

    I like the natural manner in which you communicate. You are focusing on us and not so concerned with being ultra hip or trendy ..yet you are very up to date and helpful!

  23. Dawn Smith

    This is so true. Thanks for the insporation.

  24. Sarah Beth Eaton

    Thank you SO, so much for this video! I wish someone had provided me with this information when I first got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Your information is so helpful and I already feel a sense of relief, knowing the proper way to get started. I'm so glad I found your channel! Again, thank you so much! 🙂

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