You are currently viewing 100 Days of Water Fasting for weight loss and improved health / My Personal Journey

100 Days of Water Fasting for weight loss and improved health / My Personal Journey

This video will go through the first 100 days of water fasting that I underwent to lose weight and improve my overall health. Since posting this video I’ve done so many water fasts and lived in the keto lifestyle. Learning as much as I could about autophagy and ketosis along the way, I’m finally confident in doing this video series.
Stick to your fasting lifestyle and complete 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 21, 30, 40 or even 100 day fasts just by listening to your body!

Here are a few links to things you may want to check out. – Book about water fasting that is definitely worth a read! – Bulletproof water – Ultimate Keto Electrolyte Supplement – Sugar Free, Calorie Free, 0 carbs, Plant-Based, with Stevia Extract

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About Me
My name is Roger and I’m the woodworking gamer. I’ve been involved in carpentry and general building for over 30 years. But I’m into lots of things and this channel will consist of loads of my interests. You can expect woodworking & diy tutorials / kid projects / weight loss videos / board game videos and tutorials / unboxing and how to play and many, many other types of things.

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  1. Leslie Dom

    I'm on day 5 of 40 day fast and this made me very motivated to continue (:

  2. Keisha Glamm

    I'm proud of you and you are giving me the strength to complete a 135 day fast. You look amazing, new subscriber!!

  3. Abudi Khan

    I was on day 1 and felt as if my blood pressure was going down felt less active and had a sleepless night

  4. Jacob Shelburne

    How often did you eat like every 3 or 4 days and how much did you eat when you did im strongly considering trying this

  5. abdulazuz adel

    You, young man, thought me more about weight loss, than few books and couple of years worth utube videos.
    I am on my day 6 of water fast, lost 3 kg. It was somehow discouraging for me. I do not struggle physically at all, but emotionally. My big family with their take-aways, and all the food, which is ok for lean peope. I started myself at 290 pounds. Couple of months of keto OMAD kept me losing weight a little, but I felt weak and shaky, which is completely gone with water fast. Now I know why( thanks to your videos, which I binge watched to 3 hours straight).
    For me it is another year in more than 10. So much effort, but no lasting success. This year I heard something, which gave me hope. One woman wrote that she was on intermittent fasting 20:4 for a month, and lost nothing. Then for another month with no results. As doctors felt disappointed she was hopeful, and felt physically better. Then in her third month she lost about 15 kg. And then it was no stopping for her.
    That message gave me hope. But your videos explained all why's I had. Thank you.

  6. VOVA

    Very inspiring! I'm on my 11th day of water fasting and I feel great. But let me ask you this, did you drink coffee? Did you take any multivitamin supplement during those hundred day? Thank you for sharing

  7. ProjectHelpHealChase

    This is something to be proud of!!! I'm on day 6. From 154 to 144. Seriously, if anyone wants to try this, day 2 is hell. If you can get to day 3, you don't even feel hungry anymore. Just be careful getting up to fast. You'll feel faint. But that is my ONLY side effect. You actually start feeling more energetic. And keep moving. Slowly if necessary. It helps keep your mind on something else, and helps you burn more while in ketosis. This is the only thing that helped me lose weight, because I have tried everything. Believe me. You could be 10 pounds thinner in only a few days!

  8. Barry Allen


  9. Tee Jay

    Do you take any vitamins, supplements or anything while doing these long term fasts?

  10. Denis Ho

    you lookin good man, what an inspiration.

  11. Ms. Richard

    100 days?! You’re amazing and inspirational!

  12. Sammu bb

    Hey guys I juts started please kee commenting under this comment to I remember to keep me going and updating u guys
    Day 1 1st March 2020 and it’s almost done and wasn’t too hard I had 1 date to break my fast religious reasons but I’m fasting with only water now will come back again tomo

  13. Donna Hauge

    Can skinny people fast 30 days. If not does.that mean jesus was gluttonous and if so doesnt that make him a sinner which makes the bible a lie. Anyway ddnt he kinda let the devil entertain his mi d while fasting which I've heard doin that even is a sin. Is everythng just a mother fckn lie

  14. Sara Amistoso

    100 days! 😯 that's crazy, can't even do it for 7 days. I need to work harder

  15. Nu Woman

    Is this 100 straight days of water only fasting, or do you take breaks?

  16. Herstory 101

    Looking great….wow. Well done!!!! Such an inspiring story xxx

  17. Jesus is KING

    Whenever I watch these extreme fasting videos, I can't get the final scene with Ben Stiller in Dodge ball out of my head. He is in bed with buckets of KFC and has piled on 300 pounds. "Fatty makes a funny" (hope you continue) Well done man!!!

  18. Thanks so much for your videos, they certainly are inspiring. I'm only on Day 4 of a just water fast. Please can you advise me do I need to have electrolytes if I am on a 40 day fast?…. as some people tell me that there are electrolytes in tap water also. Again thanks for the great videos 🙂

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