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How To Jump Rope To Lose Weight


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Learn how to lose weight jumping rope►

How to jump rope to lose weight

There is a big difference between jumping rope to do tricks and jumping rope to get lean. In this video we teach you exactly how to use the jump rope to lose weight (specifically excess body fat.)

Here is the list below for you to reference…

1. Fasted workout (don’t eat before you train)

2. Use a weighted handle jump rope

3. Use HIIT circuits (high intensity interval training)

4. Do exercises you feel comfortable with

5. Do exercises with all out effort

6. Hold arms out to sides when jumping

7. Stay consistent (minimum 3-5 jump rope workouts weekly)



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  1. Disney Dylan

    Hey, I started jump roping a few days ago and I woke up this morning my calves were extremely sore and I couldn’t even jump, do you have any suggestions?

  2. Quarrio White

    I have a question? I am 198 pounds 6’ft 2 inches but i wanna lose at least 30 or 40 pounds if I jump rope for at least 20 mins a day and a good diet and crunches will I see the results within 3 months . Because I have a little belly I am trying to really aim on the belly fat for I can lose it ?

  3. blindjustice316

    Weighted handles help you burn more calories. Added resistance? How?!?!

  4. dania noor

    I can only jump during skipping can't do rest tricks while skipping.. I tried but failed.. Can i carry-on with jumping??

  5. SoHardToBeMe

    I struggle with the run in place for some reasonnnnnn

  6. Ms. McCoy

    I'm over 300lbs. My knee hurt so I jump rope every other day…is that cool?

  7. Matt Davis

    Your science knowledge is fucking awful when you talk about fasted cardio. Do you understand how your body uses energy and do you understand energy substrates?

  8. Talile Desalegn

    I just got my jump rope! I start in the morning 😆👏🏽 let’s gooooooo

  9. Sussan J Cardona

    I started a week 1/2 ago and gained 2 pounds. 😑 I am sore everyday thou so I hope some of that is muscle.

  10. New Hero

    without rope try jump it is helpful like skipping

  11. Conn Benn

    Whilst I know it’s not healthy, I once lost 10kg (23lbs in retard units) in about 2 weeks from literally just eating boiled chicken, some rice and some spinach. Summer was coming up quick so I just needed a bit more definition but let it go too quick. I ended up sleepin a lot and eating too little. Thankfully now I’m up to my normal weight (82) but I’m working on getting to 90 for summer

  12. wiktoria kohman

    I can jump for 15 minutes but not hiit just normal speed I mean I jump on one foot and then on the other I try my best xdd

  13. Get your own Wifi

    I am 13. That's why I can't do it continuously for 10 mins . As my legs are sore the next day. Some of tips

  14. M Bean

    This video was very informative, and also hilarious 😂😂

  15. Hemayel Zehra

    Gonna start jumping rope from today (right now). Let’s hope for the best!

  16. Rossella Marica

    I have a question about step n.5 : Winnie the Pooh can be considered a bear running from?
    I ask cause he is in my room where I usually jump rope….😅

  17. JuJuBaDo

    do you recommend a specific rope for tall folks?

  18. Snowpile

    you look like fetty from braille skateboarding

  19. kay lynnlee

    Lol the NO! when he slaps the food out his hand is too good 🤣

  20. Nadia Marques

    Hey JumpRopeDudes How are you guys

    Loved the vid, have a question. How long should the last meal be before you jump rope?

  21. "Whatever doesn't kill you will only make you Stronger, except a Grizzly Bear, A Grizzly Bear WILL KILL YOU" … lol… Tricks are virtually impossible for me. I can skip like a Mother', speed jump no problem. As soon as I try to get technical then it all goes south for me. Hitting my feet, rhythm gone. I might just spend the cash on the Cross Rope, I feel like my old rope isn't cutting it anymore. Appreciate you guys, see you on the next one.

  22. Kostas Petros

    Wow very interesting video i am just losing calories because of this video i want to thank you for this and here it is thank you Very much it helped me

  23. Mark Thigpen Jr

    You guys are absolute clowns when you make these little examples of what to do and I love it.

  24. Sumaiya Sharmin

    I drink 1/2 to 1 litre of water as soon as I get up. Is that okay or should I skip the water and start excercising right away?

  25. yamato126

    majin buu is always trying to absorb me

  26. IMRAN H

    Hey man…
    You're so awesome…

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