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How to Exercise and engage your core during pregnancy…exhaustion and morning sickness step aside

Here’s a quick exercise to do during pregnancy that will engage your core and pelvic floor. In this video you’ll learn a simple exercise with variations that you can do even when you are dealing with morning sickness and are exhausted beyond belief. I teach this exercise to all my prenatal and postnatal clients.

During pregnancy a strong core may help you maintain better alignment and avoid some of the lower back pain and strain caused by your growing baby and belly. Check out this video on diaphragmatic breathing ( which you can add into this exercise to target and further engage your transverse abdominals.
*Women with stronger cores tend to show later in pregnancy and these exercises assist in reducing lower back pain due to your growing baby belly.

FYI – This video was recorded when I was 6 weeks pregnant so you’ll get an insiders view on how things are going during my first trimester.
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  1. Adah Chanel

    "No to Morning Sickness Tea" is the best for pregnant women. I have been drinking this tea from my first trimester and I have become kind of addicted to it that I definitely need at least one cup per day. My first trimester I had extreme nausea and I couldn't keep anything down but gradually this tea helped me a lot. It's definitely worth trying.

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