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HIIT For A Flat Belly | Ali Kamenova Yoga

This class can help you flatten the belly, strengthen the abdominal wall and develop deep core strength.
Today we will focus on specific poses and exercises that target those deep abdominal muscles. I am choosing a set of somewhat unorthodox exercises that can help you make the mind-body connection and thus strengthen them through exercise. Often times people do numerous crunches but because they haven’t created that mind-body connection they still have a weak core.
Focus on isometric contractions; feeling the muscles firing up, drawing the belly button in and squeezing the TVA in towards the midline. The exercises themselves will make establishing this connection easier. Great for postpartum moms. Wait at least until 6 months postpartum.

Free online yoga class. Home workout.
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Let’s Flow with Ease and Strength

Enjoy this video. I’d love to hear from you.
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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. alyson Maxwell

    It's nice to see your struggle too! Great hiit bc it was varied so it didn't get tedious. Thank you!

  2. I woke up feeling super duper tired and yuck and in my head had no energy or ambition for a class. I went outside for 10 min to get some vit D and said hey,I'll do a short class to prove myself wrong. Oh man, I'm loving this class and I think this was one of your best core engaging HIIT classes. My core feels amazing and I'm pouring sweat. It flew by and I loved the sequences. Can we have more of these please! Hard but not too hard 😁😁 that def was a full body class from bicep to quad to shoulder to deep core. Love u Ali.

  3. Manisha Shukla

    I love your yoga…i dont know why u have so less subscribers ….ye yoga vedios are just best….

  4. alanasali

    Ali I just love these i am now doing more of your HIIT classes, soo great they are challenging but fun and quick, works well with my time at this point, leaves me feeling great. I can also feel a fresh new energy within you 😉

  5. Rosemary Hansen

    This was my favorite class! Quick, not super advanced but still I got up a good sweat. As always, you have such amazing variation in your classes. So great for post-partum too! Thank you so much, Ali.

  6. alyson Maxwell

    Great quick session that broke a sweat but didn't feel as hard as it was! Really liked the variation on the side plank. And the abdominal locks at the end

  7. Masha Prusak

    Обалденный короткий воркаут. Спасибо!

  8. racana24

    I love the combination of both high and low impact, the time e went so quicky
    Another great one!
    Cant wait for HIIT from you Ali

  9. Laura Miller

    Wonderful Ali…thank you. I am so ready to strengthen my core in the spinal area. Do you think I am ready for this one…I will wait until I hear from you. xoxo

  10. Tracy Manke

    FABULOUS, Ali!!! Thank you for the awesome energy awakening….loved the knee cross over almost wild thing crunches! Excellent as usual–first time I really felt the vacuuming sensation, just wish all the dust and dog and kitty hair would come up when I do it!!! hahahah love and blessings to you and your beautiful familia….xoxo

  11. Angelica Ramos

    Love this! I love doing one of your vinyasas and a hiit! When the kids are at school I sometimes stack 3-4 vids for an extra amazing session!

  12. Susan Tapert

    Great class! thank you so much! Those knee pendulums are great!!

  13. Jennifer Collins

    Love this! From your classes, I realized I never properly engaged my core muscles. The journey to finding my core — a journey I'm still on — is energizing and enlightening.

  14. chantal james

    Power Crunch!!! Finally got to do this class. Those pendulum swings look deceiving… 🙏🏾❤️

  15. mauro sau

    Simply amazing, thanks Ali, this HIIT workout enter directly in my top fav classes 🙂 <3

  16. Camera Hogs

    Loving HIIT Wednesdays! Looking forward to the next. I vote for an extra sweaty workout next week 😉 Namaste Beautiful Yogis

  17. Erika S

    Really enjoyed this class! Felt very uplifted and smiley afterwards…and hungry too! Thank you for sharing it!

  18. kadi an

    I’m loving this new HIIT Series

  19. Leif Bennett

    Excellent, reminded me of shoa lin, wu tang and judo classes, with the speed. You can see how yoga was the base exercises for many martial arts. Thanks very eclectic.

  20. Grace Mayberry

    XI got thru it a little better today. Ali it was still challenging. Thank you Namaste

  21. natalia jenssen

    Absolutely love it! It flew in a flash though made me really awake and energized 🤸🏻‍♀️ Thank you ❤️
    P.S. I was so hooked, so I did it twice. Feel even better now 😁

  22. Nic Furio

    we love you (me and my yoga loving dog)

  23. Monica C

    Wow so effective and perfect. You feel your deep abdominals changing while doing it, I started actually feeling my obliques while doing the second round of the pendulum. I have a long way to go with my core strength, which of course is a reflection of internal strength, but this is a great way of working on it from the outside in 😍
    Thank you so much Ali!!

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