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Fitness Motivation: How to Stick to Your Fitness Goals

Nothing wrong with being summertime fine, but when it comes to really sticking and committing to your fitness goals it has be deeper for the long term gains.

I’m sharing some of the ways I stay committed to my own fitness journey. Comment below and let me know how you stay committed to your workout routine.

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  1. Pretty Motivated

    First of all congrats on reaching your goals!!! There are so many people that never push themselves to reach their initial intentions. You've got the drive! Sounds like you need a new target. Which is totally normal? Here some questions that may help you discover your next goal or new drive. Are you motivated to inspire others? Could you run longer? Could you lift more? How can you create more challenging workouts? Build more muscle? Increase your endurance? Have more fun with your workouts? Could you bring a buddy? Switch up your routine? Try a different type of workout? These are all questions I've asked myself whenever my motivation is in a slump. Hope this helps you!

  2. Da5 Footah

    I'm struggling with motivation right now. I already reached the3 main goals I set so it's like ok what are you going for now why are you'd still doing this so I find myself lapsing because those three goals I set for myself I never thought I would reach them ever so now I'm struggling to continue going further. desire is there…drive seriously lacking. its making me feel like a failure but I try not to beat myself up too badly. I gotta rethink/find a new reason to keep me going😩

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