You are currently viewing DOIN' ME. Weight Loss + Expectations VS Reality | Kristen Leanne

DOIN' ME. Weight Loss + Expectations VS Reality | Kristen Leanne

Weightloss, de-stressing, clear skin & trying the Fashionnova fitness line. All great things for the beginning of summer. Let’s do it!
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Looking Fresh Lounge Set – Lime

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  1. Kristen Leanne

    I found a little discount code for Dermalogica ya'll! It is BESTSKIN10

  2. Jada Cottrill

    This gave me the little push of motivation I needed to get my health and happiness back 💕

  3. Amanda Small

    Hi!! Maybe i read over his info, but i didn’t see the personal trainers information. Do you mind sharing that with us? ☺️❤️

  4. Sarah Ruppert

    Watching this while eating French toast, butter, syrup, sausage and a pepsi…. yeah…..

  5. samantha child

    Love these types of videos.. also, thank you for embracing the itty bitty titty committee, I’ve felt more open about mine since I’ve started to watch your videos.. I used to hate the gap that I have; I’ve grown to like it.. thank you!!

  6. Megan Gironda

    ironically I'm also plateauing at 137-138 weight range and its making me crazy!!! I have the same weight goal as you. I'm only 5'2" and 35…its definitely harder in your 30s! You look awesome!

  7. Okay Oc

    Wait- weren’t you vegan at one point….?

  8. nani m

    Not hating on bingo I love bingo 😂😂😂fucking love you Kristen Leanne 💗and every single video

  9. Dying Out

    Very interesting! Your so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Michael Wynn

    Good for you, it seems like you tackled more then just one aspect. Changing your diet isn't easy. Keep up the good work!

  11. Lex

    Where’s your trainers information? Didn’t catch it in the descriptions.

  12. Amanda

    Thank you ❤️ I was gonna back out of the gym today because I’m nervous to go.

  13. Michele Condon

    The last bright breen one except color looked awesome! You have aN incredible body and soul and so funny! I love you too! Xoxo

  14. hannahheartsbooks6

    I’m at 154 currently, but I’ve also lost about 55 pounds! My goal weight is about 140 but I’m feeling SO much better. Glad you’re living your best life 😊

  15. Deakin

    I always used Dermalogica until I did an aesthetic nurse practitioner course. I was introduced to Neostrata & I've never looked back. I always get compliments on my skin.

  16. Cannon Ball

    Loved this video so much! So informational and the try on haul was Hilarious!!! I loved the pink one in the beginning

  17. Marlana Polis

    I’m new here and I’m totally inspired. I’m 154 currently and have the same goal weight. Everytime I drop 10 pounds I’m like “oh I feel great” and eat everything so I keep yo-yoing. I have to get my sh*t together!

  18. kait kelly

    Kristen.. you look like a beautiful bright Michael meyers in that jumpsuit 🤣🤣 and I dont hate it

  19. Olivia Whitt

    What we really want to know is where you got that black sparkly tank.

  20. Neonravekid

    "Hey… I'm flat." The zoom in I can't. Lmfao. That was seriously hilarious. Honestly I think the first pink outfit is my favorite. It looked sooooo good especially with your skin tone. Your progress is super inspiring. Getting back in shape and trying to make healthier choices can be really hard to do starting out but it gets easier. Proud of you for trying to take care of your body, mind, and soul. <3

  21. Vanessa Varela

    I am in the same position. Ever since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I gained a lot of weight. I went from 120-125 to 140! I've never weighed so much in my life. Before my son I weight closer to 105 so 120 was hard enough for me. I'm doing the same and cutting out alot of foods and only eating anti inflammatory foods without dairy (allergic) . I'm hoping it makes a difference since I can't work out .

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