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Espresso Shot Yoga | Ali Kamenova Yoga

20 minute Espresso Shot Yoga Class for All worth of yoga in just 20 minutes. Perfect for busy moms or students. Great for busy days when we still want to get our cardio, vinyasa, and stretching done yet we don’t have the time for that. We will work on strength, balance, twisting, flexibility, and cardio. Of course, some booty work is to be expected as we are approaching the 30-day pril Booty Challenge on
Finishing with some focused core work!
Are you ready to flow with strength and ease?

Free online yoga class. Home workout.
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Let’s Flow with Ease and Strength

Enjoy this video. I’d love to hear from you.
Intro Music by Jonny Be. Full Song link

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  1. Liza88

    This class is now one of my favorites. Classic Ali coffee cup class–full body work out; you'll develop heat really fast, but also build up to the most challenging sequences (ooh those burpees!). I especially loved all the balances and work on knee stabilization–I have fairly weak and wobbly knees, so I especially appreciated the stepping in and out of warrior 1 and the leg lifts from half moon, for example. As with all of Ali's classes, this one is perfectly thought-out and cleverly balances strength building with flexibility and release. Thank you for another fantastic class, Ali!

  2. Heather Faillace

    Love and find myself regularly returning to all your coffee cup/espresso shot videos ❤️Thank you for all the great content!

  3. Carla N

    Thank you! loved it just what I needed as I had to rush in the morning!

  4. Stina

    This was perfect <3 sweaty goodness

  5. ace P

    This has left me feeling radiant. Thank you so much Ali 💖

  6. Terah Ramsdell

    Love this class perfect for a warm up or just to do before I go out the door. Thank you Ali

  7. Camera Hogs

    Yay! You brought the "Namasate Beautiful Yogis" back 🙂 That made me smile

  8. Shelby Rosecrans

    Thank you Ali. Great morning workout. I would love a quick class to move energy and maybe labeled that so I can quickly go to it and release emotion. For example yesterday had some life stuff that came up, dealt with it but then was left feeling like I needed to move the energy out but it was raining so I couldn't go out for a walk or jog and didn't have much time between schedules. Thank you

  9. Romy Collinson

    I absolutely love these short, packed workouts – thank you so much Ali! Xx

  10. Ana Romero

    🌺Aloha Ali🌹
    From the Island of Hawaii🌊🏄
    I love🌷 all your Yoga workouts💪
    Your routine is always challenging & amazing👌👌💖😉and I get a good sweat out of it.😄😎💚🎆During your workout routines can please add some nice soothing🎸😆💜 International Yoga Music🎶🎷& what Yoga poses targets a Small Waistline giving that Hourglass Figure👙👢👗Thank you so much for bringing this to our homes👏👏👏❤💛💙Have a fabulous day or evening what ever time it is for you and God bless you.😇😘Mahalo🤘🤘💟⛱

  11. Rosemary Hansen

    Absolutely love this! Can you do more reverse planks in your future sessions? I find that I'm really weak with those (and also side planks). Would love to strengthen those muscles. Truly, this workout was perfect, just the right amount of time! Thank you for always giving so generously, Ali. Love ~

  12. jonnyburgo

    Thank you Ali. Not much time today but was desperate to stretch and get moving. This was just the ticket!! Gillxx

  13. laura jones-miller

    Ah Ali…fun, fun flow. I love your energy and creative switch ups on posture patterns. It is always challenging and so fun…which makes all the difference. xoxox

  14. Katy Murdoch

    Jam packed. Thank you for these fantastic short classes. They are a full workout but also a warm up or after-travel livener. x

  15. Ines Subashka

    Great class! I love your more intense classes. It is the perfect combination between flexibility, strength and arm balances. Thank you for your effort. It really makes a difference.🤸‍♀️🙏🧘‍♂️

  16. mauro sau

    Thanks Ali, love this class, perfect to start a new day 😀 love the armbalance 😀 <3

  17. Brigid Tray

    I loved this one! Great combinations, the half moon to standing star balance was great! Also happy to see sophie 🙂

  18. Camden Smith

    Ali I can’t login to the website for my membership. This is the only way to contact you because there is no contact button on your website which I would highly suggest you have. The captcha to prevent computers from commenting and login is not working on mobile devices even when you request the desktop website. So there is something with your login that is not working. It was fine week before last. Can you please talk to your website person and find out what the issue is? I can’t login from my iPad, my fire pad or my cell phone and I tried using the mobile website and the desktop website. Literally under captcha it says code and loads nothing. It is fine on a computer.

  19. alyson Maxwell

    Love the espresso shot glasses! Great balance of strength and ease. Also really glad to see Sophie 🙂

  20. Maja Kunšič

    perfect for the morning, short and intensive, love it, thank you!

  21. V W

    That was amazing Ali, thank you!! Just what I needed at the end of a tough day. Namaste.

  22. Love Life Mentoring

    Great way to start the day….sweating like crazy and feeling so good! Thank you Ali 🙏

  23. veronica straub

    Super intense, quick yet packed with everything i look for in a yoga session! Truly genius! Namaste Ali, love and light sent in your way <3

  24. Lisa Andrade

    Hello Beautiful Ali. Wow loved this! Woke me right up! I met my bestie for a hike yesterday. Thanks to the 30 day love yoga journey I felt stronger than last season. Feeling like fine wine…aging gracefully and moving with strength and ease ! My teacher of well being ….thankyou….thankyou…thankyou!

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