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Here are the 10 apps you need to install right now to get started with your weight loss journey and tracking the entire journey.

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  1. rajesh kumar dhir

    Bhai odia ra se 10 days 1o kg loss pare.. abe basiki sabu video dekhuchi…. ya pare details re gote video hau… emiti re hindi ,english re bahut video achi.. but ama odia khaiba bisayare se janinahanti.. tame gote kara full video odia toka channel re

  2. Samar Birua

    Bhai video dekhiki bohut bhala lagila.. Please gote intermittent fasting upare detailed video v baneibe! 🙏🏻
    Jay jagannath! 🙏🏻

  3. The Ecom India

    Nice video sir 🙂 May I know when is the business ideas video will come?

  4. Ujawal Gupta

    Bro you should delete this channel !
    And create a new channel with new e-mail / G-mail

  5. Ultimate things

    Hello sir,
    Its good that you are giving knowledge.
    But audience want to see the ideas of online business which you said will come in next videos where are they???

  6. Shiznuts

    Nice work shedding off a few kg's!
    I should definitely follow your example and lose a few myself! I've about the same starting weight and goal!
    I did start to eat much much healthier, but I noticed that without excersize it isn't really working.
    Just… I never really did any sports and getting into it now, it's very tough to stick to. 😛 Maybe an app would help there.

  7. Gautham Prabhu

    Nice valuable apps and tips I would start my proper workout schedule from Sunday Sep1st 2019. Looking for more awesome contents ahead.

  8. Pratik Flims

    sir plese tell me what are the diet you use for weight loss

  9. Jatin Kumar Patro

    Please upload the diet plan detail weightloss video. Waiting for that.

  10. Ronnie 007

    Bro I'm 27 yrs and 102 kg. Have recently started working out and am on diet. But what concerns me is , will my alcohol intake ruin my workout and diet ? Is there a way i can set a specific limit to it on my diet? Because every trainer/nutritionist , they just advise to quit alcohol , which is not so easy to do instantly. Bhai please make a video or explain by your comment , thank you!


    Dude I fucking love your accent. Keep up the good work. Teenager from Chandigarh! Let me know if you can mentor me.

  12. Golam Khan

    Sir plz batana dji osmo pocket vlog ka music ??

  13. Golam Khan

    Osm video and dji osmo pocket wala vlog ka music kya hai sir❤️

  14. subodh kumar

    Bhai ..tattoos ke bareme kuch batao.. Kunki.. Appke sab vdo me.. Me sirf app ke tattoos ko dekhta hun.. 😘😘😘

  15. Ishan Shirbur

    Sir Watching ur Videos on Premiere ! Love them 🙌🏻

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