Weight loss surgery is a controversial subject to say the least. Four months ago I had gastric bypass surgery in Mexico. Bariatric surgery is never easy but to have it and be a part of the medical tourism business was pretty scary. Then I got home and the real struggle to lose weight began. I’m sharing with you some of the complications I faced from having RNY, and some of the mental, emotional and physical challenges I’ve face and that I wish I knew before I had weightloss surgery. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Luv you much! Melissa

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  1. snurfbee58

    Congratulations! Great job so far! I had the duodenal switch surgery and, except for being able to take nsaids after my surgery, I could relate to everything you said. There is nothing easy about weight loss surgery and it's sad that there are people out there without the compassion and education to understand what a sacrifice it is, emotionally and financially. Keep up the good work!

  2. janice mcgill

    Well I just found your channel tonight I’ve already made several comments and I can’t tell you how proud I am of you it’s not taking the easy way out this is a hard hard hard decision and I think you did the right thing and you look fabulous and those friends that aren’t with you just tell them where to go you can find new friends

  3. Weiner Wagon

    Congrats on the loss!! I lost all of my weight n first 8 months. I was sad about food for a while until I realized it does come back – you can have whatever you want BUT small quantities. I, unfortunately haha can eat sweets still but luckily I don’t struggle with that. It’s not my “fav” I’d say.

    So proud of you and how far you e come! It truly is life changing and I’m loving the new me – looks like your loving the new you!! Good for you!!


  4. Anna Vestin

    I didn't know that it is the weight-loss that cause my hair loss.. I have not done a weight loss surgery but guess it can apply on a person loosing alot of weight either way you do it. Thank you for the information, I hope my hair will stay on my head instead of my clothes in the future 😂… And thank you for sharing your experience 😘

  5. Theresa Vitale

    Good for you that’s wonderful❤️ You are a beautiful person inde and out

  6. Maureen Hill

    Thank you for sharing your story I just recently found you so I didn't know about the weight loss surgery. I think that you've been very brave and kind to share some of the experiences before and after. Just keep being the light that you are some of us really need to shine bright like you!!🥰

  7. I had roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in 1994. Back then, there were no psychological assessments required or any preparation for dealing with the emotional changes. I’ll be talking about it when I launch my channel. It was a very hard first few years.

  8. Inna Brooks

    Melissa you look beautiful and we are all very supportive and you keep on Rocking.
    Lady mine is not a weight loss but actually trying to cope with many health problems that came up literally in about 7 years of my life now. The fight is real, the pain is real and I am grateful who is by side not many anymore which has been hard because I can’t run around all day as I used to anymore. I am preparing for surgery and scared but at the same time exited to kick something to the side. You know what I mean.
    The hard part is my youngest is still only 7 and my mom is battling brain tumor.
    What makes me happy is that I hear many stories like yours and I want to say one day I finally did something for me.
    Thank you

  9. Liz E

    There are many raw vegan websites with outstanding recipes for black bean brownies and some of the Comfort foods that we are used to. They have monk fruit instead of sugar almond milk and coconut oil good fats that can nourish your body so you don't really have to be deprived. It's just time consuming and some of the items you have to buy online because they're not available in a local grocery store but it's worth it.

  10. Liz E

    You need to get plant-based trace minerals and it has to do with iodine to. Because when they do the gastric bypass surgery they remove part of your small intestines which absorbs vitamins and minerals. You might need to get some creams and take the stuff transdermally and bypass your digestive system.

  11. Liz E

    Thank you so much for being transparent and open with your experiences. I know that sometimes people are very mean and I'm sorry you had to go through all this. I know my husband has had cancer and we opened up a GoFundMe account because he couldn't work for a while and I had people accused me of Faking his cancer so I can get rich. I don't understand why people who are closest to us want to accuse us of such crazy things but I guess there really were never our friends to begin with. Wish you all the best of luck your weight loss Journey.

  12. Tallulah Bell

    I'm not going to get the surgery and I don't think I would ever be willing to get a surgery to lose weight unless it is for health reason but I watched your video and find it very good for people who are thinking of getting the surgery and know there a lot of to go through even after the surgery and it is not as easy as one might thought. Good video and glad it all worked out well for you.

  13. Nicole Jenkins

    I actually just started this process today. Your number 1 thing is the exact reason I have waited so long, years, to do this. I have been afraid of not being able to eat how I want. However, I dont want to die just to eat what I want. I need to find a new "addiction". Maybe I'll make myself the "addiction " and take better care of me and do things for myself.

  14. makupnurse Kim!

    The other thing I've learned as a nurse I was able to eat quickly due to small break times. Now I can no longer eat quickly so it's very hard to get a dent meal. I end up grazing meals throughout the day and have become accustomed to cold meals because I cant eat quickly enough to have a warm meal most days

  15. makupnurse Kim!

    Lol. I wish I could have a sandwich like everyday. Haha 2.5 yrs post lapband

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