You are currently viewing How I lost 30 Pounds in 2 months | Womens FAT LOSS TIPS

How I lost 30 Pounds in 2 months | Womens FAT LOSS TIPS

How I lost 30 Pounds / Counting Macros/ Going Vegan / What I eat / Supplements for FAT LOSS:
Any additional questions just email me
Everything Mentioned is LISTED BELOW!!…….

My Coach Lia:
*Click programs then chose your preference & add to cart. Then enter ‘first5’ at checkout for a discount & you’ll be added into the FB group with me for daily group workouts, recipies, full days of eating & more. Also follow her Instagram; she does IG Stories every single day on all her meals & amazing motivational stuff. Its just @ellekayfit, Id appreciate if you told her I sent ya over 🙂

Individual Products I mentioned in todays video:
Royal Queen Fat Burner:
MegaWatt Pre Workout: (INTENSE energy and mental focus; aka when you wanna fuck shit uppppp)
Alphacre Pre Workout (Less intense, still a pump product, great for muscle growth and mental focus)
Meal Replacement Protein: (Great for travel or a busy day when your not home to cook. I use the Ice cream or chocolate flavor + almond milk + frozen banana. HEAVEN.)
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Reuseable meal prep containers (highly recommend):
Resistance Bands (Great for pull up assistance + booty movements)
Affordable Wireless Headphones:
Meal Prep Bag:
–(On sale currently):
Core Sliders (For at home ab workouts, they work on carpet, wood & hard floors)
My Nike shoes are from Famous Footwear; they are the mens Nike LS Lite Run 2

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How I lost 30+ pounds—-
Royal Queen Fat Burner:
Pre Workout (On sale now):
Meal Replacement Protein:
BCAA’s (for recovery after workouts to help avoid sore muscles):

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PMB #323
Murrieta CA 92562


*This video is not sponsored. Everything shown was purchased by me or gifted as PR if mentioned.


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  1. Kayla Johnstone

    Jordan, are these the fat burner pills that you struggled with? Would you still recommend them now?

  2. Pinky Paul

    You are truly inspiring! You look so beautiful with that lipped.. please tell me what’s on your lips. And the brand too..

  3. Fa Sho

    Yas huntie!  Yaaaassssss!!!!!!

  4. Amber Frazier

    Girl! What are you going to do when that poor boy comes over after an mma fight and he looks like he ran into a brick wall? I dated a guy that did cage fighting , that's mma too right? And the constant injuries was just too much for me. I hope you two are still doing great! I'm so happy for you, the struggle of dating and being single is real!

  5. Alexis Wirz

    I can tell you are soooo comfortable talking to the camera! Can you share your tips please? I tend to freeze up as soon as I start recording

  6. Dylan

    30 pounds in 2 months? I cant imagine this being healthy since your body will consume muscle if not given a reasonable amount of calories.

  7. Amber Rose

    Just purchased my mega watt pre work out can't wait to try it!! 😁💕

  8. Nerissa298

    I have the same exact rice cooker and I buy / make the same brown rice from Costco. However, what you do need to do now which will change your diet forever………cook 2 cups of brown rice and 1 cup of quinoa (buy from Costco!) and it is so delicious!!! Try it and let me know what you think.

  9. Betsy Herrera

    I'm 3 months pp and I had an emergency c section. I had some complications so they had to open my c section a week after I delivered to let it drain and close by itself. The things we go thru for our kids… but I'm starting my journey to loose weight but I just don't know how to start. I finally got the okay from my doctor and it's starting to hit me how I let myself go since I'm going to college and going clothes shopping is really depressing. Please help me I love your videos and they're inspiring. Also congrats and best of luck with your boyfriend. I'm glad to see your so much happier than before❤️

  10. Hannah Jean

    You're so inspiring.
    I'm at the gym right now. Forever listening to your videos during cardio.

  11. Candice7

    i want to meal prep this week !! i wanna lose like between 10-15 lbs. 🙂 i have been eating crap for 2 months

  12. artisit999

    Turn him Vegan girl! Bulk is totally possible on a plant diet.

  13. Nena0357

    do you mind if we follow you on myfitnesspal? i know it helped my cousin stay motivated to prep for her surgery when i logged so im sure it would be helpful to me to see u log 0:)

  14. Kelsey Lynch

    Jordan 💕 can you do another law of attraction video? Maybe add some examples of experiences you've had in there. I'd like to know how you stay focused on positivity and welcoming that positive manifestation.

  15. Tammie Gainey

    Love this meal prep video. Definitely gonna to do this for hubby & I. Thank you💖

  16. Mother of Peaches

    hey girl! i browsed over the ingredients but i'm no expert. is 1st form vegan? thinking of getting the queen system if it is!!

  17. Suicidal Maniac

    can u please review the wet n wild catsuit liquid lipsticks !!💖

  18. Meredith Queen

    Is her program better than Abby's? I would email Abby for a change and she just said substitute like you need to. Plus when I signed up I didn't even get my program for a week. The program is generic for everyone too. I just don't want to waste more money on a trainer who isn't helpful

  19. Inga Vogel

    Please please do a video on your extensions! Which types you've tried and your experience with each!! Love you girl!

  20. E Perry

    they dont tell you a lot of stuff about losing weight… depression, self doubts, hunger pains, how family reaction is some support and some will put you down, the ups and downs you have, major meal prep if you are busy is very hard, they dont tell you how to eat if you work lots of hours in a day, the pressure that is put on you when people know you trying to loss weight and what to do with your stress levels, everyone does not have the same life styles . Its so much i have been battling in my weight loss journey. But i do know one day this 40 pounds will be gone. GREAT VIDEO I DO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. and congratulations on your weight loss

  21. Bobby Taylor

    Good for you but 1st phorm really? One of the owners biggest d bags ever and for quality vs what you pay is not all that. But regardless good job.

  22. caroline ph

    Hi Jordan ! I absolutely love your channel !!! And I really like the quality of your vlogs, I'm learning english watching you !!! I have a question !!! I really would like to know what kind of camera do you use ? Thanks a lot ! 🙂 – Caroline

  23. Kayla & kids

    this is so inspirational! I'm pregnant right now so I don't need to loose weight yet, but after baby comes I'm definitely going to follow these steps! 🙂

  24. Mariah Luna

    Girl I am loving the hair! i miss my red hair but in this Texas heat its light in the summer & dark in the fall (DEC-FEB)

  25. Daisy

    I'm lovin you more and more!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great vibes and work you produce, Jordan!

  26. Abby B

    I just ordered the Royal 21 Queen System using your link! You're so inspiring!

  27. meagan

    Has anyone else signed up with Lia for workouts and nutrition? What was your experience? 🙂

  28. Stephanie Pearl

    You look amazing girl! 😍 You motivate me to get my pre-baby body back!! ❤️

  29. Alexandra Villegas

    Great video! Keep up the good work 😍💕
    Just side note: "proven" is not a word used within the scientific community. Any kind of science is falsifiable.
    There is just evidence to support certain theories.
    I don't expect anyone to know this unless you are in the science field lol xD Just thought I'd throw that out there!

  30. Debbie Campana

    Nice!! Thanks for the advices boo. Def gonna try these products out!

  31. Samantha montoya

    Can you do either on your snap or IG a picture of all your products so I can screenshot it. In the hunt for a better preworkout and a protein. Not sure if you have a recommended protein or not. But I would love to look into your recommended brand.

  32. Ashley Miller

    You guys are couple goals! Meal prepping together, like hell yes girl! Love your videos! I look forward to them every time! <3

  33. Susan Wright

    Since you meal prep how do you handle meals for your son? I am a single working mom to a 3 year old and find it time consuming to be making different meals for myself and then my son all the time. Thank you! ❤️❤️

  34. Windydev

    you can count macros on myfitnesspal app. its free. You just enter your food.

  35. UnaBluRose

    hey Jordan, if it's OK with you, could you please adjust your camera angle.. it's too high and a bit distracting…. thanks for the great video content. 😘😘

  36. msmackattack09

    Thank you for leading me to Lia! I just started to work with her and already dropped 2 pounds! The best part about this program is you never feel deprived! I'm in love with that idea! Lol

  37. Sandra Rose

    When you're not in a weight loss journey but you love Jordan and just wanna watch her videos!

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