You are currently viewing How to Become the Best Version of YOU: Vision, Goals and Daily Habits

How to Become the Best Version of YOU: Vision, Goals and Daily Habits

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  1. PERL

    Amazing advice this is a great Chanel 🔥

  2. Saurabh Datta

    Deepak Chopra is cunt abusing scientific jargon to build new-age superstitions. Bloody cunt adds 'QUANTUM' to everything.

  3. You're the only one that helps me see through the fog. I'm frequently hit by information fatigue and I fail at figuring out how to use and apply everything I learn. That video is a good starting point and I'm starting to see how I can organize my thoughts

  4. Lakshmi KS

    Why Chinese medicine which endorses animal abuse? Indian medicine is way better

  5. Ayla Tilford

    Great video! Useful info, clear, to the point, visual examples, this was great! Thanks!

  6. Philo

    This is the best video so far i look at it every day to help me to jot down my goals

  7. Your way to breakdown the whole matter in simplest explanation is perfect.
    I am new to your channel and content is so Resonating ✌️🌠
    Keep spreading your light 🌠🙏

  8. judith lopez

    I felt attacked by that “Ok, go on YouTube” 😂

  9. Mel Cuevas

    Excellent tips!! You're the best, I'm your fan forever, thanks!

  10. Ness Nouss

    Hello Alex, i am a teacher, 26 year old woman, i have a master degree in litterature, but i have always felt likd i wanted to start studying dentistry!
    I found your channel and i realized that you also have started studying medecine at an advanced age, and i wanted to ask you, have you been worried of the impact of starting hard studies while being a bit older than usual?

  11. Nathalie

    Hi Alex, thanks so much for your knowledge and that you share this with us all. I have a few questions for you regarding herbal medicine as I also have a digestive issue + vagus nerve freeze/damage. I feel you can really help me. How can I contact you?

  12. Crown Jewels

    The reverse engineering exercise was excellent! I just opened up my Notes on my iPhone and used my talk to text feature to complete that exercise

  13. Mayur

    Who is Deepak you mentioned in your Definite Major Purpose?

  14. Mimoe

    Love these journaling prompts

  15. Nick Talley

    You want to make an impact as great as Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci and Nikola Tesla? Good luck brother.

  16. The ArteSana

    Finding myself watching this YouTube Video on a Saturday morning….LOL 😆 Don’t knock your viewers down! 😂


    I really appreciate the visual aspects of your videos. Seeing you write down and layout how you set your goals is super helpful. Thank! Xx

  18. Eline's Happy Place

    Very helpful video for productivity and living life to the fullest! Thank you so much 🙂

  19. Pablo Gutierrez

    I took my time with this video. I grabbed a coffee, notebook and headphones. Play – Pause – Think – Write – Play – Pause – Think – Write.

    It was MUCH harder than I thought but the result is AMAZING. It simplifies a big goal in small and consistent actions (habits). Thanks a lot Alex.

  20. Brian Walker

    Dear Dr. Alex, thank you for your insightful and encouraging video. I'm also commenting because my son really needs your help please, at age 17 he's lost 45 pounds during a 9 month period, while he's gained 6 inches in height – eating quite a bit (whenever he feels well enough). Thankfully the doctors have ruled out chrones & irritable bowel syndrome, but my poor son feels sick all the time, he's missing out on life, & very sad. On top of this is extremely shy and has no friends… wow! Can you please help? We are in Anaheim California, I thought in one of your videos you moved to LA or Berkeley or someplace out west? I've been a subscriber of yours for several years, and I've heard you talk about your digestive issues before but it never stuck out to me until he were talking in this video about diagnosing, and I realized you might be able to help my son. Please email me at, please and thank you.

  21. D.

    Can we see you in a doctor’s outfit one time ? 😊

  22. Manuel Hutchinson

    I love your videos, they're really inspiring me to change my lifestyle. But all I see anyways to lose weight, what about the ones who are skinny like me and want to gain weight and put on muscle without eating all the toxic foods? What do I do?

  23. Tony Skies

    Would we be able to set-up a Skype coaching call for the goal setting you discuss in these videos? I’m a musician/special ed-teacher and am struggling to prioritize my goals and set-up an action plan. I really think you could help me with this and I would appreciate it very much. Thank you for all the wonderful content. 🙂

  24. JOHRDZ

    I’ve done this for about 5 months now. All I do is write first thing in the morning, my systems and goals and affirmations. Still haven’t finished one, actually haven’t started one yet. Just have a book of daily goals. It’s fucking frustrating. My anxiety levels are off the roof I’ve nothing to show for it. Yay. To do lists coming out of my ass!!!

  25. KirsaKaboom -

    Thank you for breaking it down, i enjoy your informative videos

  26. Arch Sketcher

    How much money did you have when you start your company? I'm really curious to know your family helped you or you yourself earned it.

  27. Clouds

    Hey Alex! Thank you so much for this video and all your videos!! Ive been living with they gray vision about my goals and aspiration , I feel will help me clear that and find a plan for myself. The way your broke it down, wow! Amazing! Thank you my friend!

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