You are currently viewing The Guerrilla Diet Detox Regimen for Clearing Toxins from the Body

The Guerrilla Diet Detox Regimen for Clearing Toxins from the Body

Sometimes the body may need some extra help in fighting off frequent infections, strengthening the immune system, getting rid of toxic metals and stubborn weight, as well as improving skin quality, energy levels and health in general.
At such times, a helpful approach is to follow a diet that promotes detoxification.
The Guerrilla Diet detox is not merely a diet for weight loss or detoxification; it is a complete dietary and lifestyle method that integrates the detox process into everyday life.
In my latest article I provide you with a 3 day plan for detoxification on a whole food cleanse here:

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  1. Charlotte BULLOU

    Thank you for your diet advises, I'll try this detox as I feel uncomfortable in my liver. But I'm still worried about tofu an soy product in general, not for their hormone content but because of the GMO. What do you think of it? ( and sorry for my english of course)

  2. Haley Carolina

    This is so incredibly helpful! I asked you about my morning protein and fruit smoothies (and subsequent bloating) on a different video (you were so helpful there as well in your advice), so I’m going to be trying out switching to a whole grain breakfast (brown rice porridge, millet porridge, oatmeal, etc) for a week and see how I feel. Is there anything I can add besides nuts and seeds that might make the porridges more tasty until I get used to it (normally I would probably add apples or raisins, but I don’t want to miscombine anything while I hopefully get rid of this constant bloating)? Thank you in advance for any advice and again for such a thorough video. Im excited to try out the rest of the suggestions in this video, but I really want to get a handle on breakfast first 😉❤️

  3. Monster WeiGht Loss

    Ignore this and your diet plan will NEVER work! Harmful TOXINS clog up you fat cells, preventing you to lose weight! Toxins are everywhere, food, water, air, soil etc. Detox your body before starting a diet to see MASSIVE results! Follow this 100% FREE guide and thank me later..

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