You are currently viewing Shred Diet For Women | Full Day Of Eating for Fat Loss!

Shred Diet For Women | Full Day Of Eating for Fat Loss!

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Thank you so much for watching! In this video I go over the shred diet for women. I know losing belly fat and eating clean is really though so i wanted to show you guys my entire shred diet meal plan (meal by meal.)

The devil is in the details, so i wanted to walk ya’ll through an entire day of eating and show you how what healthy treats i enjoy on a day to day basis for fat loss.

The toughest part about getting in great shape in my opinion is following a healthy cutting diet meal plan. This video shows you a few simple tricks on how you can set up your own shred diet meal plan.

This wasn’t a typical day either – as I ended the day at a family and friends gathering and was tempted by cheese burgers and hot dogs!

Make sure you watch until the end so i can show you a simple trick on how you can eat clean and still enjoy your food!

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