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Easy Weight Loss With The Starch Solution/ Plant based

Hi everybody!! In this video Im going over the specifics on how exactly to lose weight on a plant based diet as outlined by Dr. John Mcdougal in his book “The Starch Solution”. I recap quickly what I did and then I dive into the 3 rules for maximum weight loss so watch until the end!!
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  1. lloyd timothy

    I enjoy a beer or 2 every other day. Do you or your husband drink? And if yes is he able to loose weight?

  2. Florentina Walser

    what do you do when you are invited / eating out / at a social event? How about the fats that are important for hair growth etc? 🙂

  3. Brittney Moore

    Di you have problems with bloating at the end of the day? I look 6 months pregnant at night and feel very uncomfortable because of the high volume of food. Any suggestions?

  4. HT international

    John better known as the potato man😅😅 but his plan does work

  5. Phoenix Princess

    Very helpful. I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago and I lost over 200 pounds. Now my weight loss has stalled and I've gained 14 more pounds. I will try this for a month and continue as I see results. Thanks for explaining this. My only question is about sugars and coffee?

  6. Charise Joneidi

    Aloha Kiki, HELP!!!! Is it just me????? I've gained weight on this high carb diet… i love yr videos and I've read Dr. Mcdougalls books (thanks to u) I've also gone 100% vegan since January 1, 2020….i love eating this way but I'm not losing any weight and sadly i have as much weight to lose as u did…i feel so bloated but in a strange way contented. I've been following the 50/50 rule i haven't 100% given up the fat with raw nuts (pumpkin or sunflower seeds) & 1/2 of an avocado with a large salad….help!!!! Could it be that my body just doesn't digest beans, rice and potatoes????? Truly desperate at this point! 2 months in and 2 lbs heavier 😭😱🤯keep inspiring yr fans. Much love and Aloha from Hawaii🌺💖🌈, Charise

  7. Samantha Halfacre

    This is the BEST video I have seen!!! I have been searching for CORRECT informative information on this subject for a long time!!! So glad you made this video!!! Thank you! Thank you!

  8. Zoltanz Dance

    Hi guys
    Is quinoa or couscous OK to have sometimes instead of rice and potato?

  9. Krista MacDonald

    This video was so informative. Thank you for a great explanation. I just bought the book 🙂

  10. Alina Weiss

    Did you mean oil free hummus or fat free hummus? Please clarify!

  11. Paola Rosichetti

    So you don't this diet for animals and environment, but just to lose weight. Ok.

  12. Katherine Mullen

    Does it matter if it’s white rice or brown rice? Is one better than the other?

  13. DoRight

    The charts you did are fantastically helpful. Thanks again.

  14. monkeygirl000

    Talk about timely… 😃 Thanks for posting this! ❤️

    This video was recommended by Youtube, and I literally had already planned on doubling-down, starting tomorrow morning, on spending some time eating zero known high-fat foods (such as avocado, nuts, & seeds). While I don’t eat a lot of those, in terms of volume, they are foods I regularly consume.

    The thing is, despite my mostly WFPB/oil-free/early time-restricted diet (so…the science is all there), I’m still not losing the weight I gained with menopause. (It IS different than just ‘too many calories’, as it has a hormonal cause. It’s difficult to figure out how little I need to eat, while remaining adequately nourished. My BMR is under 1,000, so even an extra apple can mess things up.) 😔

    I think part of my problem is being overly-concerned (or just greedy) about the nutrients in food. I eat, say, a banana, to get its nutrients. But those are extra calories. I eat an apple with a few walnuts, for the nutrients, not specifically because I’m hungry or even “want” to eat them. I make an entire dish, just so I can get ground flaxseed in me, or beans, or mushrooms, or anything that is good for me, but not pleasant to eat on its own, unflavoured. It is compounded, I suspect, by my somewhat newly-adopted 4PM feeding window cutoff. Even though I don’t eat a lot of volume, I know I sometimes eat that steamed broccoli with sweet potato because it’s almost 4PM, and I know my schedule won’t allow me to eat it tomorrow, so I try to get it in before 4, today. …That kind of thing. ☺️ That seems like a perfectly normal dish on The Starch Solution (one small sweet potato and 2 full heads of steamed broccoli), so I’m used to it. I season with freshly-ground pepper. Delish!

    But when it comes to fat AND temporarily clearing out even the minimally-processed foods, this is exactly what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it. 😃 I don’t actually follow The Starch Solution (haven’t read it), but as a WFPB’er for many years (vegan for 20), I am ready to start the day off tomorrow with greens, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, potato, sweet potato, beans, etc. They’re all a normal part of my diet. It’s just that I usually have oatmeal for breakfast or a bowl of berries & fruit, or sometimes All Bran w/ some Raisin Bran & ground flaxseed.

    Cutting out the fermented whole grain bread, oatmeal, cereal, occasional peanut butter, 1-2 Tbsp of coconut yoghurt, avocado, nuts, and seeds is going to be a bit strange, initially. But let’s get this weight off me first, and then worry about the rest of it. 😃

  15. myjourney_mamabear

    Totally off topic but your home looks JUST like bachelors Arie and Lauren 🤣

  16. Laura Castillejos

    Love how you said, the food will do the work for you if you just consume it ❤️ Great detailed video! 😘

  17. Ella Rae

    Thank you, Kiki. I found this vid very helpful. The 3 rules to know are spot on! You are so right about the success happening with the 50/50 plate. I’ve been struggling and stalled but by following the 3 rules and the 50/50 plate, the scale is starting to head downward at last!

  18. Jellee

    Your way of presenting information is killer. It's not meandering or long winded. Great stuff, subbed.

  19. Heather K

    I have those same plates! LOVE THEM! I also have a question about bread and tortillas. When you say whole food only- and to cut them out for the last few pounds does that mean Ezekiel bread and tortillas as well? I do eat those but thought they were a whole food. Thanks!

  20. Grace La Rock

    You are really great! To the point, and very clear. I can do this!

  21. Kaci Edwards

    Is it ok not to eat plant fats doesn’t have nutrition that we need in it. I really want to try the diet but I’m afraid not to eat plant fats. I love your videos you are such an inspiration. 🤗

  22. kristine sjostedt

    Hi Kiki…love your videos. I know the "no plant fats" allowed for maximum weight loss, but what about things like Hemp Milk? Also…can you explain again why veggies should be eaten at breakfast before/instead of say oatmeal and fruit? I just can't wrap my head around having veggies for breakfast at 7:30 am:)

  23. Katherine

    a bit off topic however I just tried nutritional yeast. HOly mackeral! Lets just say the uhhhh
    side effects of …. gastric distress was not fun! Flatus city so be careful or take something before hand. YIKES

  24. Sara Ferrell

    This was a very kind and gentle kick in the butt for me. Thank you!

  25. Karla Nelson

    You're the best, girl! Thanks for your awesomeness. I'm gleaning so much motivation and inspiration from your great info and kind spirit! Love your channel! Thank you!

  26. Enjoying Life

    I was on this diet..just four weeks made me a complete airhead. All kinds of studies show drops in cholesterol cause memory loss. I also flirted with B deficiencies. My DNA shows genes prone to difficulty absorbing B vitamins. So I went back to animal products and my memory returned, stabbing nerve pain (B def) went away…I'm really bummed, though. I enjoyed the hell out of eating rice and beans every day. (I'm Cuban, rice is life!). So I'm looking at the Nicoyan Blue Zone diet now, which includes animal products (actually, virtually all Blue Zones eat animal products) and is almost identical to Cuban food…

    My mom is nearly 97 and has eaten traditional Cuban food most of her life (though she always watched her weight). She has no diseases whatsoever, so I figure I can do something close to that. I just love Dr. McDougall and have been reading his stuff since the 80's. The man is awesome and is really doing a lot of good. I wish you all great luck. If you start to suffer weird symptoms, please consider checking for deficiencies. Not everyone evolved to be a 100% starch-eater.

  27. Ana Herrera

    I’m studying to be in education , and I just can’t help but to mention how well you ‘teach’ ! 🙂 Also, wow you’re channel is growing so fast! I knew this would happen when I started watching you! Congrats!

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