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Meal Plan for 5:2 Diet II Malayalam II Beauty Bugs TV II

Sorry there are some typos from my auto correct please excuse me i just noticed them now
Sorry guys hope you guys dont mind

calories of some fruits and veggies I have ( all are approximate )
apple – 59 cals
mango 100 gms 60 cals
carrots 1 – 50 cals
oats cooked 1 cup – 150 cals (n o sugar no milk)
banana – 89 cals
pine apple 100 gms – 50 cals
grapes 100 gms -67 cals



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  1. Ancy Sijo

    Chechi e diet athara day cheyithu??? Weight kurajal ee diet stop cheyiyano ?? Chechikku weight athara kuraju??

  2. Priya Viju

    Exercise illengil weight kurayumo I am a back pain patient

  3. divya biju

    Dinner chappathi kazikavo?if yes curry add cheyamo?pls rply

  4. Aarathy Aaru

    Chechi… Rice uchaku kazhichitu salads night kazhikamo?? Plz rply

  5. Aarshapradeep Aami

    Hello I am Dr Aarsha. You explained in a detailed manner..& not at the least you are looking gorgeous too..😙 much addicted to your videos.. keep going😍 All d best

  6. me riya

    Appo vellam kudikkande please do reply

  7. prasant babu

    Chechi ee diet thudangiyapo athra weight undayirunu epol athrayund plz rply eee diet il ludeyano kuranjathu

  8. devu s

    Chechi fast cheyyunna day curd kazhikkavo

  9. juhi vinu

    chechi, Njn 83.5 indd… Religion wise weekly 2 divsm fasting indd… 6.0pm kayinj endenkilm kazhikkum… Angne Ayal kozhpndo? 500calorie exceed cheyyadirunnal pore?

  10. ഞാൻ പരീക്ഷിച്ചു നോക്കി. നല്ലതാണ് 3kg കുറഞ്ഞു. 35 ഡേയ്‌സ്. 4:3 ഞാൻ എടുത്തത്

  11. Noushath Sabeer

    Hii chechi enikk ee diet cheyyan pattuo enghane ariyaam pls reply tharuo

  12. sajna aseef

    How do u calculate the calories of each food item?

  13. Zahra Fashion

    njan 68 kg und 55 akananu. e diet enik eshtapettu .weight kurayum vare diet cheyyendi varum le

  14. Zahra Fashion

    hi chechi
    2 days mulims inte fasting eduthal ravile muthal rathri evening vare onnum kazhikathe nomb thurannal enthokkeyanu kazhikendathu
    plz reply for me plz chechi

  15. ananthu viswam

    Hi Chechi …eniq 120 kg undu… Njan ee diet plan already start cheythu.
    Ee diet follow cheythal oru 10kg wt after six months kurakkan aakumo… Chechiyude exprts il ninnum ariyaan aagrahikkunnu…..

  16. rouf rouf bk

    Chechi 5:2diat cheyyumbol weekly aduthadutha dhivasm thanne fast cheyyano edavittidavitt cheythamathio

  17. Binitha K

    Hai priyanka ee diet 7 days cheythal problem undo

  18. Abdus LuLu

    5 days over aayitt food kazhichaal ee 5:2 diet success akumo

  19. aparna K A

    very nice video . I ve a doubt. is paneer gud for weight loss??if so normal paneer or tofu paneer , which one is good. can I include paneer in this diet?

  20. Remya Raj

    ഹായ് ചേച്ചി ഞാൻ ഇപ്പൊഴാ വീഡിയോ കണ്ടത്.ഞാനും ഇനിമുതൽ ഡയറ്റ് ചെയ്യുതുടങ്ങും

  21. sonu dayal

    Chechi 1 days idavittu fasting cheytal any problem…

  22. Ansar Anu

    chechi lunchine alpam chorum rathriyil oru 2 chapathiyum pattumo.

  23. molutty 92

    hi video helped us a loot😍😍wt abt chappathi at night instead of rice.. baaki ulla 5 days njn chapathi only kzhkaar.. pine ulla 2 days ingne cucmbr oke that fine?? hope u'll help me😊

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