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How to walk to engage your core and pelvic floor during pregnancy

Here’s an explanation of how to walk and engage your core and pelvic floor during pregnancy that will help keep your energy up and you feeling good, especially during your first trimester when you may not feel like you are able to do much else.

Do you ever find yourself walking on autopilot and feel like you are not getting as good of a walk/workout in than you can be? I sometimes just go into autopilot and realize my hip-flexors are doing all the work and my core and glutes are just along for the ride. Walking while pushing a stroller ads a new element to the everyday walk and I find I am more aware of my core and how I am walking while pushing my son in the stroller. Women with stronger cores tend to show later in pregnancy and learning how to hold your body while you walk can help reduce lower back pain due to your growing baby belly. Check out the tips in the video.

These morning sickness & mood swings chats are about being real, letting you in on this pregnancy journey, and so if you are wondering if you the only one feeling exhausted, not able to think clearly, and like your sense of smell is in turbo-hyper-drive that you are not alone! I’ll drop in with some “”fun”” and not-so fun chats about what’s going on in our home and comment below to let me and the other moms to be who are watching know how you are doing.

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