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Free Rapid Weight Loss Recipe – Vegetarian Cauliflower Rice

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At Slim Sumo, we are dedicated to promoting the health, fitness and wellbeing of women without using fad diets. We believe in making our members change for the good with simple lifestyle changes that have a positive impact.

Our co-founder, Chan Vekaria, knows how important this is. She was a “sumo” some years back, but over time, she decided to peel herself away from her desk-bound job and started making changes to her life. Those changes helped her to lose a colossal 46kg!!! Yep! You read right…FORTY SIX kilos! That’s the equivalent of a small human being!

At Slim Sumo, we are passionate about helping others to lose weight with straight-forward advice about health and fitness.


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  1. Dana and Ryan

    Great meal idea! Just subscribed 🙂 My girlfriend and I just started our own channel. I hope we can keep on top of it!

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