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How I Stay Laser Focused on My Goals

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  1. Vindhya

    Anyone interested in making a mastermind group?

  2. Vegard

    Oh man. I love that outro tune. Mind telling me where you got it @modernhealthmonk

  3. amin sama

    hey, anyone looking for a mastermind group can hit up.
    my focus is on becoming a data scientist, live a healthy life and have a healthy relationship.
    can make a discord group uber conference.

  4. Valerio Pagnotta

    Not taking over the world?
    Not interested.

    Just joking, as always, very ispiring content Alex 🙂

  5. Oded Sayar

    So basically it's "have a few best friends, don't be fake with them and open up emotionally"

  6. Brady Wade

    I always compare myself to my yesterday's self and all previous versions of myself and say, "How can I be the best current version?"

  7. MP Fox

    Great idea and plan…. and think and talk alot but dont act… gotta get over that hump

  8. Miriam Feintuch

    I have a setup similar with a friend who is also a coach! The main difference is there is no set structure to the call, so watching your video helped a lot! Also, getting kicked out of the group after 3 months without being productive is a smart and brutal touch. 🤣

  9. Terri Ballard

    Hi Alex, I never get any emails from you, I've tried two different email addresses and still nothing

  10. Pablo Gutierrez

    Hey Alex, great video. I'm looking at UberConference and seems AWESOME!

    I have setup my own mastermind group with my best friend. Just once per week to begin. I will notify you the results.

    Gracias amigo!

  11. J. P. L. Fraccaro

    Alguien que quiera participar de un grupo mastermind en español? BTW this is one of the pillars of "Think and Grow Rich"

  12. Amjad a

    Anyone want to make a mastermind group on discord?

  13. Unsugarcoated Revs

    This is a great idea. Voice/video calls make me nervous though. If anyone's interested in starting a text chat version of a mastermind group, feel free to hit me up!

  14. Scott Swalwell

    Set your macro vision and then intensify your micro efforts and take a step closer everyday

  15. isolated101

    Such a simple idea and so absolutely great..! I watch this channel a few months now , but I haven't until now heard of forming a mastermind group. It's a super idea, this should happen everywhere. Idk, is this something common in the US or elsewhere? I need my mastermind group yesterday!

  16. W.M. MaGustavo

    Developing a practice in which we can improve our focus, attention and concentration is key in this life because energy flows where our focus goes. If we can concentrate, focus or attend to something consistently, we will remain on that thing. I have found along my journey that DEEP BREATHING is an amazing tool to develop this.

  17. raph009

    That was EXACTLY what I needed today. Thank you!

  18. Soulxismail

    thanks for the informative channel .. hope we all can start improving life from the root 🌞

  19. Coach Glen Byrne

    On point video man!i Personally when I feel not motivated I ask myself
    ‘How am I going to feel if I don’t get this done today’

  20. Fitness Engineered

    great advice man. I need to get me a master mind group for my fitness business

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