You are currently viewing Health & Fitness Q&A for BEGINNERS Who Don't Know HOW to Get Started

Health & Fitness Q&A for BEGINNERS Who Don't Know HOW to Get Started

Hi Starling fam! This is the beginners guide to getting started in living a healthy lifestyle!! These are common questions I get asked all the time! Enjoy!

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I am 19 years old, for those asking

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  1. Brittany Travers

    I just want to put this out there for beginners: I know this is going to sound cliche af but I started my fitness journey and being really healthy this March and honestly, the hardest part of it was starting. I put it off and put it off and when I finally went I was like "this wasn't so bad, I feel so much better." I also agree with Tori… how I started was because I was so unhappy with my weight and I just felt so tired and blah about myself. Stick it out because you will feel 10000x times better and be so much happier with your body. The stronger mentality is what I love most 🙂

  2. JBossVideo

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  4. M. L.


  5. mia gonzalez

    but can you still get the body you want by working out at home with no weights?


    I know this is going to sound cliche af but I started my fitness journey and being really healthy this March and honestly, the hardest part of it was starting. please click the link : https://bit. ly/2L7ezxN

  7. luck love

    hi,Brittany can i ask you something if you don't mind

  8. Akira Stevens

    One of my college roommates goes to the gym every. single. day. and ate whatever she wanted and looked hot as hell and my fat ass was eating vegan ben and Jerry’s and reminiscing over my lifetime fitness/cross country days. I dropped out of college (lol) and started spinning and now I feel great! I think it’s more of a mental change than anything else

  9. Kwamz Fit

    Awesome – I enjoyed watching this. Keep the videos rolling in 🙂

  10. Victoria Tvedt

    As a 14 year old athlete I find your videos very inspiring! And I love your videos. When going through puberty I can no longer eat junk food every single day (not that I did that all the time but you know what I mean), and just choosing healthier food &a alternatives makes me so much more happy. Eating homemade healthy meals make me feel so much better than eating junk, because I know my body will also thank me later. Thank you for all then inspiration❤️
    Also, can you do more cook with me/ what I eat in a day/ recipes kind of videos?
    Love you!

  11. Lovey-dovey

    Tori can you pleeeeeaaassseeeee make a meal plan!! P.s you are my favorite and I love you ❤️ I've been a kiddo for 2 years and I love it. Bye bye beautiful. ❤️

  12. sophie schmidit

    could you do a video of you're fitness journey , I want to eat more I eat whole foods no dairy but i'm afraid to eat more cause I gain weight and its like very helpful when you post new what I eat in days cause you're not afraid to eat a lot or just eat cookie dough etc.. I find that I think that healthy is eating little and restrict my food even though its healthy . how do you not get into an eating disorder mindest to get skinny faster ? cause I feel im doing that

  13. Lily Vega

    Hmm seems like you're wearing foundation

  14. Chelsea Elizabeth

    i've been trying to lose weight and be healthier on and off for about 2 years. about 2 years ago during my senior year i went on home instruction and lost a lot of weight because I had a lot more free time but since then i gained back the weight. this video really helped me with motivation and some simple ways to modify my diet 🙂

  15. Sarah Dean

    what are some sources you would reccommend for educating myself in health and fitness? i have a very healthy life style and don't eat gluten and dairy and workout (almost) everyday, but im always looking to improve myself in anyway :). also im looking into nutrition as a career option so it would be helpful to learn more! ps. tori if u read this i love your videos sooooo much💕💕💕

  16. Thea Papia

    I have so many tips for beginners because I would consider myself a beginner as well. 1. If
    You don't know if something is healthy and can't research at that moment. Count the steps backwards to get the food back into the original form. More steps the more processed / bad for
    You it is. 2. Most of us are teens and twenties. Yes this is supposed to be the time of our life, ALLOW YOURSELF TO GO OUT, EAT WITH FRIENDS AND KEEP SOCIAL. you can do it while still being healthy and making time for fitness. Also one night of drinking won't kill you. Just don't over do it and don't beat yourself up about it. 3. Just start. Even if you don't know what you're doing don't be afraid to ask anyone cause we've ALL been there. Your body is your temple so make sure you take the best care of it you can!

  17. Julie Williams

    I would say my biggest tip is to go through your pantry and throw away anything that is tempting to eat but you know is unhealthy for you

  18. pinkpinkus

    Can u do a skincare routine? Your skin looks amazing!

  19. Meghan Todey

    I know you always show what you eat in a day but could you possibly address what kinds of foods we should eat right after a workout?

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