You are currently viewing Exercises for Pregnancy Back Pain: Ease back pain when pregnant with simple exercises

Exercises for Pregnancy Back Pain: Ease back pain when pregnant with simple exercises

Exercises for Pregnancy Back Pain: Pregnancy Exercises to relieve back pain. In this video on how to relieve pregnancy back pain, you’ll learn some simple exercises for pregnancy that will strengthen the muscles around your pelvis to help relieve pregnancy back pain and to support your growing and changing body. These exercises are perfect for pregnant women during their first, second, or third trimesters.

At 25 weeks pregnant, I’m in my second trimester and have been feeling increased pain in my sacroiliac joint (SI-joint), back, and hips. These exercises help warm up and stretch your spine, strengthen your core, glutes, and other pelvic girdle muscles which will help stabilize your pelvis. Due to the increase in the hormone relaxin during pregnancy, your SI Joint and hips can hurt and ache and cause pain in your back, hips, and down your legs. These exercises will help to build the strength needed to support your SI joint and increase strength in your core and pelvic floor.

No equipment is needed for these exercises. No matter what trimester of pregnancy you are in these simple exercises are great to ease back pain, increase strength, and keep you feeling good!

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