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7 Exercises for a Flat Stomach | AB ROUTINE

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  1. Enheritance Derrico

    I want abs so bad 😍😍just started working out and love the way my body is looking so far.

  2. Katie Doxsie

    Thank you for sharing, I'll do these. You make it look so easy 🙂

  3. Alexis Louise

    About how long did it take you to get a flat stomach/abs?

  4. Cindy M

    Body goals!!! Love your videos!!! And keep up the good work because it is clearly working for you!!

  5. Yemi Arogundade

    I'm watching this and eating Pounded Yam and Egusi soup 😂😭

  6. Britney Cooper

    Can you do something for 2weeks because I need a nice body in 2 weeks

  7. Vasty A.

    Can you do A motivation video/ motivation tips because i really want A flat tummy. I'm not fat, i only have A slight lower belly pooch and it irritates me but it never seems to go away

  8. solidea19

    i think i'm gonna start this routine as soon as possible because it's AMAZING

  9. Sahar Nauman

    Girl your body is on fleek !!👌I wish mine was like yours 😭😫

  10. Franca O

    How often do you do this in a week?

  11. Chrisanne Newby

    Lol omg girl I really needed this 😍😍😍
    I started working my abs today and these are so helpful
    plus your body is goals 💪❤

  12. Lovefromlexay

    Ive been saying that i was going to get abs this summer and its almost school time.

  13. Maya Elizabeth

    I've been working on my abs recently and I'm definitely going to add these exercises to my routine 😍💕

  14. Elizabeth -

    i needed this, thank you!! Can you maybe do one for toning thighs?

  15. Jinn Beauty

    Girl it's 12 22 at midnight and I'm here working out with you 😂😂

  16. SimplyyAjaa

    Tthank you so much this is going to help during the summer so I can stay fit for sports during the school year! I followed along and did the work out with you I was like yes I feel the burn… until you said do 3 sets lol

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