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A 12-Month Plan to Improve Your Life

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  1. Thanks for your excellent information. My dear I am planning to be like you giving these lecture to my society in Saudi Arabia. Please help me to find the best UV to study social psychology. My email best regards. My Whatsup 00966504807303

  2. Marquis de Hoto

    You don't need to be in a relationship. Maybe you want… but you don't need to. You can be way happier being single than in a relationship you forced yourself in.

  3. daniel craig

    If you are wants to know more about changing your life the best results that ive had was with the Reality crusher secret (just google it) definately the most helpful guide that I've had.

  4. Venus

    I wanna be productive af but have an overbearing mother…… how would you approach this?

  5. Robert Maxa

    Many Americans, literally, can't afford to take holidays. Because, paid holidays aren't mandated by labor law, "vacations", are a luxury.

  6. I like the idea of dividing this into one-month projects, to really be able to focus on one of these areas at a time.

  7. Remi Steel

    Hi I been following you for a while got your book master the day about to hear it again (audible) I am looking for a master mind group any suggestion where I can start to find one?

  8. Crown Jewels

    This is a cool concept, well done 👍 are u currently earning your md? I’m in grad school and I’m looking to earn my doctorate in Fall 2021. I’m graduating from my masters program in May 2021. If you are in med school, did you take the gre or mat? Who did you ask to write letters of rec?

  9. Curious Jay

    Thanks for all the advice given mate, starting to implement these interventions into my daily life.

  10. Universe Says

    One thing I realized about myself was that I was depending too much on external sources for inspiration to do what I needed to do, and these external sources are support groups, music, YouTube videos, attention from people, coaches, etc. when they were supposed to be only bonus tools to bring out the real inspiration from deep within me. If you don’t have the deep-rooted inspiration for transforming yourself and your life, then external sources for it will merely be temporary and superficial phases of inspiration.

    And that deep-rooted inspiration will develop from being clear about what you want out of life that will contribute to fulfilling you, not because other people want them. These things can and do vary from person to person.

    I figured out what I wanted to do a couple years ago and became clearer as time went by that I used to clarify. Before that, I had already made a bucket list and did a bunch of adventurous things in spite of fear and then I moved on to self-development applied knowledge to further and truly develop myself. Typically, the more challenging something is and the more consistent you are with it, the more it will change you. “Challenging” doesn’t necessarily mean blood, sweat, and tears at all, but instead simply something that has you thinking and feeling a different way than what you’re used to.

    Well wishes, everyone.

  11. Sarah E

    Seems cool, but you need to not say “irregardless” if you’re trying to sell me something.

  12. Dr. Rob

    12 Domains
    – Personal Dev: Habits?
    – Productivity: Assessment? Habit?
    – Finances: Saving? Investing? Habit?
    – Mindset: Positive? Habits?
    – Enjoyment: Free time? Like? Habit?
    – Goal Setting: How? Emulating? Process?
    – Relationships/Love: Improve? Habit?
    – Contribution: Benefit? Meaningful?
    – Spirituality: Meditation? Journaling?
    – Health: Mental/Physical? Habit?
    – Purpose: Fulfilling?
    – Self Actualization: Leave behind? (In-)Difference?

  13. tenderfoot

    As one commented below I'm also doing all things blended together I can't focus one just one for a month! But still this video was great because it gave me an insight on what I'm lacking -free time and meaningful relationships. Thank you very much you changed my life! haha 😀

  14. talha waheed

    If im not mistakem august is 8th month n u said july is controbution and mentioned 8th month..

  15. Mais Abu Kwaik

    Thats so great .. managing our life and look for a purpose .. thats make us feel happy and enjoy 🙂 thanks ❤️

  16. Naydine Paul

    I have been looking for a Guide to Human Development for the last 3 months. Thanks so much. You are truly a blessing in my life and in the lives of my children.

  17. August Oliver

    Hi! Can I have the link to your course or waiting list? Thanks.

  18. August Oliver

    That’s cool. 9 bucks a month is definitely awesome.

  19. Carol Blue

    Your worksheet has 2018 envisioning on the 2nd sheet.-Just saying

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