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Healthy Meal Prep for Beginners | What I Eat!

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  1. sarah ferguson

    Love the simplicity of this. Also, we literally eat the exact same breakfast every morning!

  2. Hanni S

    When less is best, thank you! Very realistic and maintainable.

  3. Supwemo Adventures

    I wish I was an ectomorph. Guys if you want to learn some tips to get in shape healthily, access my youtube channel and click subscribe.

  4. lady Daniels

    Took me out when she didnt kno what she put on the chicken

  5. Lindsay D

    They say you are supposed to drink 8 eight ozs glasses of water a day. That is 4 bottles of water not 8 bottles of water. A bottle of water is 16 ozs. I just wanted you to know although some say you should drink more and 5 bottles are fine a day. Thanks for the video. 🙂

  6. tasha lani

    hahaha…. "what is that? I don't even know what that was"…. me all the time when I'm seasoning, all the unimaginable seasoning items come out of their hidden locations lol awesome vid!!

  7. MissCheyenne217

    i aint see her put not one drop of oil in that pan… lol loved the video

  8. Paity's World

    I agree. A lot of meal prep videos be doing too much. You gotta go but a while new kitchen!

  9. Allan Lovatt

    Great video good to see you dont have to starve yourself like a lot of other food systems i have been using a system that was developed in 2018 and is very easy to do you can eat pretty much what you want and dont have to exercise— GIVE IT A TRY

  10. nene durano

    ur mad pretty and fit 😩 I hope I can get like u

  11. Sara O

    i think this is good for me cause as a Asia woman …i cant eat without rice for lunch & dinner…(maybe for other Asia ladies not the problem..)….and its simple to cook..(cause im a lazy and not a good cook….)…thank you so much….:)

  12. Jenai Gipson

    You only need for bottles of water a day. The average bottle is 16fl oz and the average glass is 8fl oz so a bottle is equal to 2 glasses of water.

  13. Savy Marie

    Loved how you kept it simple. This video was super helpful for me thank you! 🙂

  14. Nana Scott

    has this way of eating helped you lose weight? im thinking about meal prepping. and i need it to be as simple as possible.

  15. Lori Olivo

    Love this! Agree 100% on all the fancy meal preps I watched like 4 of those before I came across yours


    You are amazing😍 if you don't know me it's okay I'm a girl call Aisha.

  17. Cray May

    You look like Gabrielle Union. Gorgeousssss!!!

  18. Jocelynn Knott

    Loved this video! This meal prep is super easy!! Please make more meal preps soon thanks!

  19. Trinity Wiltz

    Hey girl I just found your channel and this is everything I'm ever looking for in one channel!!! Fitness, style, makeup, and you have the same hair texture as me. This video was so helpful. I love your energy!

  20. Melanie

    So do u just pop it in the microwave?
    I think reheated chicken taste really weird lol

  21. Giovanna

    your video helped me A Lot!

    most of the videos don't show breakfast , lunch and dinner. thank you ❤

    quick question when you get home from the gym you drink your protein shake and eat dinner as well??

  22. you're so funny lol! i love how easy it is to make these foods and i agree with u @ the YouTubers that make those fancy meal preps lmao.

  23. Tiaa_bee

    This looks like something I would eat🙌🏾

  24. Chi Anucha

    Your videos are so helpful! 😩🙌🏾 Could you do more gym vlogs?

  25. What It Do Corey

    Hi i just have one good question for you i just wanted to know how long did it take you to get your subscribers because i want to start my channel on the first of august and i just want to know that im going
    need some help please

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