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6 Flat Stomach Exercises For Lower Abs

Target your lower abs with these flat belly exercises. Complete the 20 minute workout by setting a 10 minute timer and completing all exercises until times up. Complete 2 rounds.Aim .for 10 reps of each exercise and 10 reps each side

Mountain Climber
Begin in a push up position  with hands beneath shoulders and balancing on your toes.Engage your core. Your body should form a straight line between head, hips and feet. Bring your right knee in towards your chest. As you move your right leg back to your start position bring your left leg up towards your chest. Keep switching legs and build momentum to complete all reps.

Seated V Tuck
Begin in a seated position and engage your core. Place hands by your sides on the ground or stretch your arms out in front of you. Lift your legs to a 45 degree angle. Hold and stretch your legs straight in front of you, then return to the 45 degree position to complete one rep. Keep straightening and bending your legs until reps are compete. It’s important to keep your core engaged throughout the exercise.

Bird Dog
Start on your hands and knees with hands and shoulders aligned and knees and hips aligned. Contract your abs. Stretch out your right arm and left leg, keeping both straight
Keep your neck and spine aligned. Bring both the outstretched arm and leg in towards your chest.Extend back out and repeat.

Scissor Kick
Begin in a lay down position with your core engaged and arms by your sides.
Lift both feet slightly from the ground. Raise your right leg up. As you lower your right leg back down to complete one rep, bring your left leg up. Continue to switch sides.

Straight Leg Raise
Start by laying on the floor with your hands by your sides and your legs straight.
Engage your core. Lift both your legs up into the air. Pause and lower your legs back down, keeping your feet raised from the floor.

Dead bug
Begin by laying on a mat or the floor with arms and legs  in the air , with your legs bent to a 90 degree angle. Lower the opposite arm and leg and stretch out, keeping your core engaged. Return to your start position and repeat for the other side.

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