You are currently viewing 30min Tight Hips Yoga Flow – Deep Hip Opening | Gayatri Yoga

30min Tight Hips Yoga Flow – Deep Hip Opening | Gayatri Yoga

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~ Hi yogi! This 30 min yoga for hips flow offers you deep hips stretching in all directions to improve flexibility. We stretch outer hips, inner thighs, quads, hamstrings & glutes. Tight hip yoga stretches help to release emotional tension as it builds up in our physical body. It can be done morning or evening, great after your leg day at the gym, for runners, skiers, surfers & all team sports players! If you sit all day in a car or at an office desk , run or cycle a lot, or are a frequent plane flyer, most likely you are very tight in your hips, and this flexibility routine will be perfect for you.
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Why hip stretches feel so good? – Hip opening poses help to open and loosen the joints and muscles around the hips. They help to keep the pelvis and hips in proper alignment, preventing strain and tightness in that area as well as lower back. They also have been known to reduce stress and anxiety, so they’re not just physically beneficial, but emotionally as well.

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🌀Hi yogi, my name is Kristina. I’m a 200h certified yoga teacher, Equinox Pilates MAT Certified trainer , I have continuing education hours in Yin Yoga & Anatomy Trains {Fascia} (by Tom Myers). I constantly educate myself on anatomy & physiology to deliver to you safe effective workouts .

Gayatri Yoga offers versatile intelligently sequenced & instructed yoga flows that are accessible to any level of yoga practitioner, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced.

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This Post Has 14 Comments

  1. Naiara Corujo

    If you are on the road and traveling on a car/van, this is perfect for you! Thank you Cristina for this class.

  2. alison martin

    lovely class. i would love to see some moderations for those who dont have a full range of movement in the hips and lower back


    I love your flows. They're my favourites in comparison with every other yoga class available online. Keep up the good work!

  4. Tatiana AH191

    Great, intelligent sequence, very deep, but safe, thank you for that!

  5. Joe Denten

    My neighbor just complimented me on my posture! Thanks!!

  6. Thank you, that was intense for me. I have never been able to get my body into double pigeon before. I have tight hips! It feels great.

  7. Biren Patel

    Thank You. I did the whole yoga sequence. The instructor is very flexible. She increased my flexibility as well. Namaste.😍

  8. Alison Thomas

    Really lovely sequence. I liked the inner thigh focus as well. Unlike you, I would never choose a single chaturanga over double pigeon!!!

  9. Kanchana

    This was perfect after a lower body workout.Loved this class and frog pose is always intense for me.Thank you so much for another great routine Kristina 🤗🤗

  10. ca mez

    I will try this tomorrow morning. I love hip openers. They're so important, especially when you sit a lot for work like me. It's like the body closes in on itself.

    I watched a bit and can say it feels much more personal when you practice in a real room. The all-white background makes it seem impersonal. I like your natural-looking home, it's so warm and friendly. Just my two cents 🙂

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