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Why Having Goals is the Most Important Thing in Life

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Robert Maxa

    I'm sorry, one does not unconsciously end up with 3 kids.

  2. stallio

    Hey I kinda Liked your content BUT the free worksheet is misleading…… I mean Im not against paying but you mentioned free, its not even sample it simply asks for money….. either you made some mistake or thats a bad idea if you did on purpose.

  3. Thank you for this much needed content, Alex. Now I understand why most people in their 20s often feel so lost and depressed, me included.

  4. Ann McNeal

    Truth speak the truth man this is all true and I’m older but I am it’s so true about goals and about having a direction and not just being a ship floating around in the ocean thank you!

  5. Ann McNeal

    I think your videos are the best of any on here! (And I’m not near 20!(older)).

  6. Martin V

    You're so right. Why do that much people forget their power to direct their lives themselves? Tell me!

  7. Pramod Phulware

    I'm no expert on photography/cinematography but those zoom in and zoom outs in between aren't helping I don't if they are making any harm but surely they aren't helping. Btw nice video 🤗

  8. Zachary Scott

    That was one of the few times I've gotten chills from a Youtube video, the way you spoke about passion was spot on, it's clear you've considered this deeply. Exceptional video, Alex, thank you.

  9. K Jaime

    What is your response to James Clear's Atomic Habits, which states that being goal-oriented more often than not leads people to failure rather than success? This is an honest question because I've been following your for awhile and usually really like what you have to say. I think clearly there's truths to both, but how to reach the best middle ground?

  10. K Jaime

    I love the "goal" of being more passionate about … something. And by inference to seek out people who are passionate about things to surround yourself with.

  11. Emily Wood

    Yep, I definitely agree with you when it comes to schooling vs. real life. I'm in the latter camp atm and it can be directionless at times. I'm working on it.

  12. Purpose Filled You

    Excellent video! I love this reminder and it is nice to hear them right before we start setting goals for the last quarter of 2019. Let's finish strong!

  13. saturnight.

    But it's all meaningless if you have too many goals or end up losing your passion halfway through.

  14. Scott Swalwell

    It's like looking at Google maps. All the information is there but you need to punch in where you are and your destination you wish to reach in order to see the route

  15. Leo Staley

    I've known this for a while, but I really needed to hear again right now. I have no idea why YouTube put this at the top of my recommended home tab just now. I wasn't subscribed to you. I am now.

  16. Goals give you direction and focus, making you actively think what you want in life. Great share Alex

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