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What I Eat in a Week | Vegan/Alkaline meals

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Hey Yall here are a few of my favorite vegan and alkaline meals!
Amaranth bowl with caramelized apples. hemp milk and walnuts
Sweet Potato Tacos with Cassava Flour tortillas, roasted bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, chipotle sauce and lottttts of lime
Alkaline Soup with Irish Seamoss, Bladderwrack, Kale, Mushrooms, onion, wild rice and Fresh Zucchini and Bell Peppers.

All of the meals are really filling and easily meal prepped! Thank you for watching and enjoy! XO


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  1. Cream Crystals

    Me: oh cool what I eat in a week cool! Also me: shit girl you’re only eating 3 times a week that sucks hope u okay boo

  2. Ms. Lioness

    Love it girl 💕 How did you prepare the Amoranth with the breakfast ? It was already thick and ready when you added the milk, what did you do ?

  3. ChristIEL Believe

    Thank you again. I went Deep dive searching to find this video. Also. You actually published it on my birthday. So I know it was meant for me. I will be looking Daily Harvest this week. I clicked on your link. Wish me luck. Weight loss Journey playing eating Journey.

  4. Morenita NaTURaL

    i need to try some of her recipes so my fat ass can lose my butt and theighs 🤮🤮🤮

  5. Dejah's Diary

    I just started taking Bladder wrack capsules. Never thought to sprinkle it on my meals, I'll have to try it!

  6. Miriam A

    Thank you I will use these recipes in uni.

  7. kulia

    Where u get ur Irish Sea moss

  8. Harry Harry

    Hi nice recipes. Can I ask how you did your teeth so white? Did you get them done or home kit?

  9. Alegra Gilbert

    The chipotle sauce for the tacos.. Did you make that or buy it??

  10. RdA

    I turned vegan about two weeks ago after being diagnosed with IBS. I don't miss the meat and plant base is where it's at. Thanks for the video, you have given me some excellent ideas.

  11. Aniko Amália

    My first time seeing lime juice used in a soup! Very inspiring! Thank you!

  12. Deuc ‘

    thanks mami! 💕just made the sweet potato taco recipe soooooo good luv the flavors😯🥰& it’s vegan😩issa win win

  13. Moon SKeetz

    Don't toss the apple core. It's 2020, we better than that.

  14. Andrew Allen

    Should I or should I have not send my girlfriend this channel

  15. Nick Year-W

    Not only does she eat smart she is also a beautiful sister.

  16. Thomas Nickel

    After seeing those tacos I feel like I need to marry this girl.

  17. The Vegan Van

    Wonderful video… Just 1 quick point.. The 102 is a combo of Sea Moss, Bladderwack as well as Burdock Root from my understanding of it. Love what you are doing on your channel Guru.

  18. Ny fly

    What's the greatest benefit of switching to an alkaline diet?

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