You are currently viewing The BEST WEIGHT LOSS DIET in 2019! (Pro Advice)

The BEST WEIGHT LOSS DIET in 2019! (Pro Advice)

What is the best Weight/Fat loss diet?

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With so many diets to pick from which one is the best one for weight loss?

Is it the keto diet, paleo diet, low carb diet, high protein diet, intermittent fasting diet, the list goes on and on. In today’s video I clear up the confusion and explain what is the best fat loss diet for you?

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  1. Mrinal Chadha

    Keto is nt healthy diet..All time u will mt eat high fat n all..Its not long lasting one..If u seriously want to fat loss then take care of caloric deficit n try to eat 100 to 120 carbs daily..

  2. Umer vlogs

    need a sample dite plan for fat loss from you
    hope you reply

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