You are currently viewing Starch Solution Meals for Maximum Weight Loss ep 7

Starch Solution Meals for Maximum Weight Loss ep 7

Its time for another episode on plant based weight loss! Its all about a simple Whole Foods plant based diet. In this video im showing you a full day of meals and how easy it is to eat this way. Im almost 70lbs lighter than I used to be and I was able to clear up a host of health issues when I switched to a whole food plant based diet.

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“Your body in balance” By Dr. Neal Barnard :

“The Starch Solution” By Dr. John mcdougal:

Bamboo Steaming Basket:

Ring for basket:

Napa valley balsamic vinegar you can find in most stores:

The Balsamic vinegar I use:

Cheese Sauce video:

sweet potato waffles:
1 cooked sweet potato
4 tbsp oat flour
if your waffle iron sticks then either add more flour to make more of a dough or just have sweet potato with banana cinnamon topping.
if you are going to brave the waffle iron then make sure you let it cook enough or it will stick.

Maple Mustard Dressing:
equal parts maple syrup and dijon mustard, this morning I squeezed a little orange in it to brighten it up.

Tater tots:
2-26 oz bags of oil free hash browns
1 cup chopped steamed kale (optional)}
2 tsp garlic
1 tsp onion powder
You can salt after they cook if you want
Steam potatoes for 5-10 minutes
add to bowl and mix in all ingredients. once mixture is cool enough to handle then form tater tots and place in air fryer or on parchment lined baking sheet. Air fry on 400 for 25-30 minutes or bake on 425 for 35-45 minutes.

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  1. Missmaple Bee

    Love how pretty and simple you make your food. Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  2. I wonder if I can make sweet potato pancakes this way? I don’t have a waffle iron. And I love pancakes. Everything looked tasty! 😋

  3. Karen Vargas

    Kiki I love your meals. Thanks for sharing, please keep those recipes coming!!!!

  4. M and L Lathrop

    Hi!!! You are amazing, thank you for sharing your journey! I have autoimmune problems with very high inflammation, pain & tons of fatigue. I am trying to find my way in the vegan world & I find all your success very inspiring! I was wondering if you ever eat cake for birthdays? Do you ever drink alcohol or wine for special occasions. Trust me I of course am more inspired by the more disciplined answer….but I just keep getting a little lost again. I love the structure of your meal plans & your sweet frozen fruit dessert. Do you ever eat chocolate or a vegan candy bar? I love how you share what you make for your fam & how you might vary it slightly for yourself. Could you ever do a quick break down again? So many of my own kinda vegan meals & green smoothies turn out not the best especially if my veggies turn to mush or my smoothie is too bitter. I am determined to become better at all this & so appreciate your upbeat laid back style of ease. Keep it up & if you think of anymore trade secrets please do share!!! Do you always drink a lot of water each day? You are amazing! I’m hoping to get better at this kind of path & you are truly very helpful!!! Do you ever make a ton of potatoes & freeze them? I love your discipline & sticking to the path. I heard in one video the idea of low fat. What about sugar grams per day??? Like 12g fat but what about sugar grams from like maple syrup in oatmeal or salad dressing. Starches you eat as your fill & balance out with veggies. What is the heal of starches or is it the fill with it also containing micronutrients like veggies? If I make it very simple with a small rotation I hope to be able to follow along too. Unfortunately we don’t have an air fryer or waffle maker but I hope to still have fun with potatoes & maybe get those eventually. Do you just drink water & tea during the day? I have been falling to munching on nuts whenever I’m too tired to think. I just got to get more organized in this. Hopefully I’m slowly getting a little closer to figuring it all out. Thank you again!!!

  5. C9 Mang0

    @Plantiful Kiki can u plz share how to make that sauce recipe u placed on top of the broccoli

  6. Bobby Rock

    I made the potato friters today with my new air fryer they where so good I put diced onion and Serrano pepper and the Kale got crispy so freakin good thanks great idea

  7. Stefany Villegas

    I couldn't agree more with the thyroid subject… it is important to check with a doctor if this is not working, there are other inside our body that may not be working properly, that is something to take in consideration

  8. Mindy Kay

    Yum! Making those tater tots tomorrow! Be safe and healthy!

  9. Brittany Santilli

    I was just about to go rewatch one of your other videos from this series, then I was presented with this! Thank you so much for all the ideas and inspiration ❤️

  10. Nan Gee

    Trying to burn a few more calories through exercise might help in getting a few more pounds off. Diet is the main focus but exercise is important, as well.

  11. Sylvan

    What was on the other half of the tater tot plate?

  12. Liz Smith

    You are such an inspiration, Kiki❤️ I am new to Veganism and have about 25 lbs to lose, and you are my favorite YouTube channel! I just made your Naan w Einkorn (no gluten wheat) flour and they turned out spectacular! You are so creative and your genuineness shines through so beautifully!!

  13. Adina Happy

    Buying a waffle maker is on my list and I have now found the perfect first recipe 😍 Can't wait! Thank you for your videos!

  14. Teresa White

    Just wondering about ur thoughts on coffee? I have a love/hate relationship with it. I noticed u do Drink hot tea, have u never drank coffee or think it’s not good for us? I love ur videos and try to eat this way. I do have struggle because I have eaten traditional Whole Foods for a long time but with meat/dairy but tryIng to stay whole food plant based.

  15. Patricia Ladipo

    I’ve been trying this diet for 2 weeks now because of your videos! First week I lost 3 pounds ☹️. Second week I gained the 3 pounds back. I was more lenient with the greens and didn’t eat as much cause I was running out. But this week I’m gonna try the tips. Hopefully week 3 is better. Thanks for the video💜!

  16. Linda Mon

    Ive been using scissors on my kale, its kinda fun,& feels like an art project😘

  17. DoRight

    Thank you! I was at the grocery having a major delima over tater tots. I love them, but already made they have oil in them. You are the GOAT Kiki!

  18. Kim Koller

    You are so inspiring Kiki! I get happy when I see you have uploaded a new video.

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