You are currently viewing how i’m staying healthy & fit this summer | snacks, workout ideas, goals

how i’m staying healthy & fit this summer | snacks, workout ideas, goals

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  1. breathing

    self care summer is carrie rads thing..

  2. Emerson Snyder

    just the kind of inspiration and motivation I needed!! such a great video😊

  3. Camille Pitre

    I’ve been absolutely loving your channel! Every time I watch a video you give me the motivation to get up and get my life together!! 🙂

  4. Tashalynnx

    WATERMELON IS MY FAVORITE FOOD!!🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

  5. Makeup Geekkk

    Danielle love your videos girly your definitely ❤️ giving me beach vibes ? May you please do a bike ride video with your mom please 😁

  6. Briana Lee

    Just a side note, Ashwaghanda is an awesome adaptogen that has so many benefits. If you don't take it in a vitamin like this, you kind buy powder (Amazon, Moon Juice, or even at HomeGoods/Marshalls) and mix it into your smoothies.

  7. noreo12

    lol, I'm sitting here eating cheez-its … awk

  8. Becca

    I am so motivated and inspired for Summer now! Lets do this! Great vid as always, Dani 🙂 <3

  9. Jenna

    Some teachers still do not get a free summer- we are always doing professional development, teaching summer school, or even working a summer job to make ends meet.

  10. leisybee

    Dani where is that dope eye necklace from? Want it so bad!!!

  11. Maggie

    Do you prefer your hydroflask over a s’well bottle?

  12. amandajewell

    I am loving your every day grind!! I am so inspired. When I feel like not editing I literally see you uploaded a new video and I remind myself you're doing it so I can too <3

  13. Emily cundick

    Love ya videos at the moments, especially the vlogs xx

  14. Shelly L Curry

    Hey Dani,

    What would I need to say to get an opportunity to have a interview with you?

  15. Em Fetterman

    does care/of have chewables or smaller vitamins as an option? i’m sooo bad at swallowing large vitamins!

  16. halee brown

    your videos always motivate me so much to have a healthier lifestyle! xx

  17. abigail gargi

    I'm in my military service and don't get any vacations. Literally want to cry

  18. Temi Osuntokun

    you look so gorgeous, love your hair and red looks amazing on you!

  19. ambz 12

    I just ordered some care/of vitamins a couple of days ago! So excited to get them!

  20. Morgan Naturalista

    Love when you upload! Your videos are always so inspiring! I def need to eat healthier and exercise

  21. jordyn satterfield

    Where did you get your second hole hoop earrings!? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for ones like that.

  22. Lexie Dalton

    I’m loving the daily uploads!! 😍😍 I love you!!!

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