You are currently viewing How I Lost 55 pounds As A Teenager! // My Weight-loss Journey // @fit.sid

How I Lost 55 pounds As A Teenager! // My Weight-loss Journey // @fit.sid

Teenage Transformation E-Course THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE:

If you are looking to have your own weight loss as a teenager than my E-Course is definitely going to help you. I made this 3 years after starting my journey and changing my life. I was so lost when I started and hated my body, if you feel the same way this will be life changing for you.

Let’s just take a moment. Right now. Right here.

Look back at yourself from 5 years ago, a year ago, a month ago, a week ago, even a day ago.

What has happened? What have you been through? What have you learned? But most importantly what have YOU “gained”? I can tell you right now, looking back just a year ago til now… A year ago I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without absolutely hating what I saw, I was becoming depressed, I was faking my happiness, eating my feelings, and sitting around waiting for things to magically change. A year ago I decided to STOP sitting around and waiting, instead I got up off the couch and did something about it. I stopped wishing it would happen and made it happen.

So what have I gained? I’ve gained strength, happiness, confidence, a genuine smile, a love for running, a better relationship with myself, food, friends, and family. I learned how to say no, count my macros, eat my veggies, love my stretch marks, wear bikinis, and love my body just as it is.

I may have “lost” 55 pounds but I gained so much more. This past year I focused so much on what I was losing and didn’t realize until now how much I had gained.

I ask you the same question I ask myself, what have you gained?
I know New Years is around the corner and I would love to extend myself to you all. For anyone who wants someone to talk to during their journey, get advice, etc. I’m here. My journey has not been a straight path, there have been plenty of bumps in the road but I’ve managed to move past them and keep going.

I would love feedback and video requests! Russia and I will be collaborating on this entire series so set yourself a reminder for EVERY WEDNESDAY because we have some rad videos coming at you guys!


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  1. newfnshow031

    Watch her latest vids to see how she gained it all back and some

  2. Urka D0ka

    Hello! Currently watching your video for inspiration to become healthier for a better me. As of right now, I weight 165 and I am fourteen years old. Not too bad, but you damn well know I can work on it to make myself look better. For anyone who is losing hope in themselves: you got this. Take control of the eating habits and the unactiveness and lets work towards the new and better you. Happiness is goal, shoot for the stars 🌟✨

  3. Shawnessy Summers

    I have hypothyroidism and I have the same problems as you. Thank you for making this video

  4. imam chanel

    Ich möchte deinen Youtub sehen, wir möchten mehr darüber erfahren, wie man vor der Kamera spricht, du bist so zuversichtlich und es war schon immer erfolgreich.

  5. What’sUpRoblox?

    This helps because I’m 155 pounds, I want to be at least 129 and it sucks, my parents are so open to let me exercise, I just never start.

  6. Kelsie Lewis

    Holy fuck I relate to this so so so much. I appreciate you for posting this. More than you know

  7. M

    do you think it’s possible for me to lose 20kg in a month and how long do you think it’ll take and how do it do it 😭

  8. Katherine L

    Ok I clicked on the link expecting the teenage transformation course that u put in description but uhhhh guess things have changed since 2016 cuz all i gotta say is and i oop–

  9. Obeta Morah

    So it's almost 2020 and I'm trying to motivate myself to weight loss in January… I love your post so much!! I'm 180 and I'm 18, my friends are all sexy and I'm all fat😂.. I really needed the motivation so much, sometimes I look in the mirror and hate myself… My stretch marks are increasing and I hate it!!!
    The way I relate to your video makes me cry, I really need to push through with my journey in January, thank you for the motivation.


    I loved your video thanks for all the motivation i really wanna get thin but i try but then I can't control on my diet but then after looking at your video I'm gonna do my best to become thin now thanks a lot ❤️❤️

  11. Alexandra Rojas

    I also feel like a fat cow but this year I’m going to try to make my self lose weight and thank you for the motivation to do it. 😊

  12. Azula

    I needed this! (Not hating ) but I needed somebody who was actually fat. Because even when people show the before they aren’t even fat

  13. April Ray

    I know this video is quite old but I still loved it. I myself am trying to get healthier and lose weight. I am 13yrs 5'3" 152lbs at the moment. My first goal is to lose 5 pounds. Witch would put me at 147lbs. Any tips and/or tricks? Thanks in advance. 💜💜💜

  14. Nwadum Tendong

    I randomly stumbled upon this video because I feel so disgusting in my body and hearing that a fellow sophomore was able to transform their lifestyle is already giving me the motivation that I can too 🙂

  15. Lauren Lowery

    Ive tried to lose weight for years on end and never got anywhere. Gym but ive never lasted long or no one wanted to come with me/could. Im struggling with diet. And i dont really like "healthy food". I like fruits. But thats round about it. I hate my body and I hate everything about myself. Im desperate for a flat stomach. I emotionally eat too. I dont know what else to do.

  16. Pigzilla

    At 11:18, you see how her right side goes in more then the left. I have this too. Is this normal and just genetics or should I get it checked out. Thanks.

  17. Sammiii

    We have the same time of running a mile 🤩🤩

  18. kheff46

    Did you watch your latest video?

  19. Lilian Duran

    Im 13 years old and weight about 150 pounds. This video really inspired me to Really try hard and loose this weight so I can finally not be embarrassed in public and finally be happy and not worry what other people think of my body. I'm gonna do it 😊

  20. Carington Grace

    This video made me almost cry bc of how I can relate to it so much and I'm still not near fixing it no matter how hard I want to. I'm 15 and weigh 237. I have insulin resistance but I am very tall and take over from my dads side with a big stature such ad pon shoulders. I weigh more than my mom but I dont look it bc of my body type. I have been trying so hard since I was 9 years old to lose weight. I dont have any way to go to the gym, I dint have any way to get the right foods I need and I dont even know here to begin…

  21. Erika Altamirano

    Im 167… I looked almost like u and i have depression can you be my fitness buddy? Please im jisttired of beinglike this please im fr crying and i need help i dont know where to start and im just sick of everything im so comfused allthese meals and workouts please… msg me

  22. Its _River_

    Idk my weight but last time i weighted my self i was 200 or 201 my workout and diet starts today and i need to lose 70 pounds so yeah and i have the same story as you well kinda i just ate and ate it happen after my dad died tbh so yeah….

  23. Yahmina Sarae

    Literally we have almost the same story i wo hi ld like to tell you in private if i could

  24. Justin Rohrer

    I changed my life style forever and I lost 48 pounds. My mom started working out and dieting for 2 months and lost 16 lbs and got exited and thought she could go back to her original lifestyle she gained all of it back in a week!

  25. Jade S

    Yesss sis I’m so happy for u and this is so motivational, much love💗💗💗💗

  26. Madeleine McQuaig

    I’ve attempted suicide 6 times. Because of this very reason, and other family stuff

  27. abcxyz

    So motivational!!!! You're such an inspiration to me. I can relate to you totally. Like totallyyyy. Thanks for the video btw it has motivated me a lot. Lots of love. ❤️❤️

  28. Emily C

    Never related to a weight loss video more. Currently trying to lose 15 pounds. I’m 15 and it’s really hard when you can’t drive, but I’ve been doing workouts at home and am in a small calorie deficit. I’ve toned up a little and am more trim. Im still learning and next year, I’m starting dance classes again and driving myself to the gym more!! Wish me luck!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  29. car_venom

    I’m a guy and i weight like 300 lbs And I kind of feel depressed and all the problems that u said. I used to work out and felt good I will try to work out 🏋️ again to feel better and be healthy

  30. Sasha

    Honestly you got me and motivated me. 😢

  31. Renee Curtis

    i just did 32 minute jog even tho its not alot its a good start

  32. Mood Swings!!!

    I want to lose 100 lbs but it's so hard cause I don't know where to start😣

  33. Reese Christopher

    I feel the exact same way you used to I’m 16 years old I’m a junior in high school I gained 50 lbs from a rare disease and binge eating in the last year I am so depressed about everything I dmed you on Instagram it would mean a lot if you could talk to me about it

  34. Taree Evans

    Weight lifting is actually the best exercise for weight loss not cardio but Great motivational video☺️

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