You are currently viewing Finally Talking About Weight Loss | My three tips to help you lose weight

Finally Talking About Weight Loss | My three tips to help you lose weight

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nutritionist or personal trainer. I did what suited best and just sharing with you guys. I just wanted to touch on the 1000 calories – I was staying under this limit because I wanted to lose quite a bit a get myself used to less food compared to the extremely large portions I was eating. Some may not recomment it but 1500 is a good limit to have. 🙂

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  1. Neeha Hau

    Hi Anoushka have you ever made a video on Caudalie skin care? Love from Canada

  2. ZaZ 19

    For me its the opposite i just want to take weight!!!! I just so badly want to get weight!!! I've been so skinny these years..Any advice what to eat plzzzzz!!!!!

  3. L Kaur

    Miss you . So good to see you.

  4. Ms Zabrena Ally

    Hi beautiful
    Much love ❤️ god blessed you always
    Looking beautiful as always

  5. rubina5455

    Loved the video- watched while I was on my cross trainer- true motivation while watching my favourite thing Makeup 💄 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 I alway watch utube videos while working out 🏋️‍♀️ out on the cross trainer

  6. Ashley Ramlal

    Hey I use the MyFitnessPal app to track my calories and it also counts your steps as well, so you don’t need a fit bit!💕

  7. OK !

    Your before and after size pls?

  8. Book Hp

    Love your video!!! Your motivating me to get back to my routine and start loosing weight! It’s all about mentally preparing it and I really need motivation

  9. Amani Huss

    “Food is life” snap girrrlllll👏 😘

  10. S R

    How tall are you

  11. T S

    We done on getting healthy and happy 💃🏽🎉😄 Its hard work bit your video was honest about that. All the best going forward 😊🍀💖

  12. Lorriana Legrand

    Hey…I love your videos….and you are very inspiring…and I'm new…so I subscribed

  13. Ellen Anjali

    this makeup look 😍 I need to find the motivation to exercise when I come home from work, I'm always too tired lol

  14. Roxanna Z

    OMGGG I NEEDED THIS RIGHT NOW !! I’m on my own weight loss and siss I’m struggling x

    Really proud of your weight loss and Honestly sis you’re glowing 😘

  15. J V

    Please do not eat under 1000 calories a day! That is incredibly unhealthy. It actually makes your metabolism slower and you will lose muscle mass. Plus how is your body going to get its daily fix of nutrients and vitamins? Your body will begin to shut down, your immune system will become weak etc. Your also more prone to binge on food when you restrict yourself and you are increasing the risk of developing an eating disorder.

    If calorie counting is something your interested in, then download myfitnesspal on the app store and It will assess how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight/gain weight based on your weight, height and physical activity. There's loads of recipe ideas on there and it even calculates your macros!

    Here are some tips I have:
    1. Eat your five a day! Try have fruit and vegetables with every meal.

    2. Try to aim for 2 'carb-filled' food choices a day. For example you might have eggs and toast for breakfast, jacket potato for lunch and chicken and roasted veg for dinner.

    3. Cut out fatty oils (this was a big issue for me) I learned to swap out olive oil and vegetable oil to low calorie spray oils such as Fry light.

    4. Learn about portion control. I always fill my plate with half of vegetables first before I start putting any sort of protein and carbs down.

    5. Don't restrict yourself! If you have a craving for a packet of crisp or some chocolate then eat it the recommended portion size or find an alternative. For example if you want chocolate but you don't want to eat it why not have some fat free natural yoghurt and some fruit instead?

    6. Exercise! Try to aim for 120 minutes a week. If you are pushed for time, there are many quick workout videos on YT. My favourite are the Lucy Wyndham read workouts that are 7 minutes long and really effective.

  16. Disha

    Thank you SO MUCH for this video, it was very anticipated….the tips you mentioned I have tried before and I did notice results but I think it is a bit more difficult for me since I stress eat a lot with the constant amount of stress I have at school. Nevertheless I will try your tips once again and pray for the best

  17. Leena ahmed

    Can you please do an update video on your skin care routine, especially dark circles? Your skin looks amazing!! 😍💃🏾

  18. Alexa Likes

    My boyfriend has a huge sweet tooth and he often has dessert after dinner. I wasn't really like this before but his influence has rubbed off. He's one of those people with a really fast metabolism, so I really have to be careful around him. Moderation is a life saver, as you said.

    Having a slightly lighter dinner to accomodate a small dessert after supper helps. I hate feeling completely full, but I've also been conditioned to eat everything on my plate. Learning to eat slower and stop eating momentarily to check if you are actually still hungry or just feeling peckish is essential.

    Portions are everything. If I'm going to have sweets or a salty snack, I portion it out and walk away from the kitchen to eat it. Otherwise, I'm in big trouble. I also try to substitute fruit and nut-butters instead of unhealthier choices. I'm that person who eats half a banana with a spoon of almond butter along with a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream. It kills my craving.

  19. T K

    Can you share the link of the workout videos?x

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