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Eating Vegetables To Lose Weight

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Today’s Video: Eating Vegetables To Lose Weight

There is a HUGELY perpetuated myth that if you eat foods that are branded as “healthy” that you will lose weight. Not necessarily. In this video we discuss how important it is to eat vegetables for overall health and happiness. BUT – focus on overall food intake for weight loss. We also shout out our favorite supplement to help with micronutrient intake – athletic greens. You can grab it in the second line of our description.

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  1. Diamond Linx

    Fried chicken is rich in Vitamin K
    Vitamin F and Vitamin C.

  2. C John

    My diet is plentiful with veggies and fruit. The problem is I eat like a horse and overdo it always. Oh well.

  3. Dreagles

    I have an important question: what about sugar? Should I not be eating stuff with too much sugar in it (as it produces fat)… also I checked the calculator, but it didn't say anything about it😔
    Started the 4 week challenge two days ago and really loving doing the thing, however, I also want to make sure that I don't eat too much of things that will make me put on some more fat
    Really love your videos dudes👌😋

  4. ams914

    I definitely don't eat enough vegetables at all, but 5 servings!?!? How much broccoli is that.

  5. BalisticK

    haha brandon actally hates vegies 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Rossana Zenassi

    great intro lol Veggies veggies! yep. Vitamin k interesting information! 🙂

  7. andrew lude

    Hahahah hilarious!! That intro -great vid content !

  8. Thomas McCarley

    Vegetables have tons of protein, more than animal flesh even. Your body doesn't fully digest meat either, so you don't actually get the entirety of that protein from meat. I firmly believe you will lose body fat if you switch to a dominantly plant based diet. You are spot on about calorie intake and macro-nutrients, but have definitely underestimated the role vegetable can have on the transformation and progress of your body. Love your vids though, keep it up!

  9. Ayo_BK

    That thumbnail ain't no veg that's a bud of weed 😂

  10. Fawad Khan

    is partaking in nofap and taking cold showers zen dude approved?

  11. gibcoprobe66

    stick to jumping instructions and leave the diet tips to a professional…

  12. Fraser Finlay

    Pro Tip: Blend a couple handfuls of kale and spinach into a breakfast smoothie!

    An easy way to consume a lot of veggies everyday, without all the chewing 🙂

  13. Hugo Granados

    What apps or websites could I use to calculate the amount of micronutrients, proteins and fats I eat?

  14. Blake S52897

    ive lost alot of weight eating shit😂😂😂 veggies and other bro foods will fill you up quicker and you will stay full longer but fuck that😂

  15. Ballers NET

    I have a question please help. I started to working out, doing cardio, and avoiding junk food ever since the new year. In just 4 weeks I lost 15 lbs in the 5-6 week I haven't been losing any weight and have been around 200lbs I feel like I got a bit stronger but why I am not losing weight??

  16. Ballers NET

    Make a video on how to get a body like JOHN CENAAAAAA

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