You are currently viewing 15 Minutes of Fame Yoga – Intense Hiit Workout | Ali Kamenova Yoga

15 Minutes of Fame Yoga – Intense Hiit Workout | Ali Kamenova Yoga

HIIT – REALLY INTENSE. You will get a complete workout in just 15 minutes.
Free online yoga class. Home workout.
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Let’s Flow with Ease and Strength

Enjoy this video. I’d love to hear from you.
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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Prana Tara

    Fabulous combinations – have been doing your videos for 5 years and they never cease to challenge me!

  2. kelly feaster

    so awesome, I look forward to doing more of your HIIT workouts!

  3. Susan Barner

    HOLY! THAT WAS TOUGH. I agree that the split lunge jumps were killer. They never got easier!

  4. Tania Hummelgard

    Just did this workout in my hotel room. Perfect perfect!! Loads of energy now. Now I have time to hit the local farmers market!

  5. Eduardo Morato

    Halfway trough it I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I said to myself: you can do it, don’t let Ali alone on this one. So I did it! Thanks always ❤️🌻

  6. Christina Cassidy

    DRENCHED and heart is beating. Definitely coming back to this in the future to do just before slower, more stretchy flows. It's such a great combo! <3

  7. alyson Maxwell

    Woo, you weren't kidding. This is super intense. Will have to work up to it.

  8. Amanda Clark

    Ali this was AMAZING. One of your best and non stop but SOOOO effective. Thank you from the bottom of my booty. I often put these kinds of classes off at times because I think I can't cope but always up for the challenge eventually and no wonder because the way you plan and structure is perfect. You are truly a wonder woman of the many forms of yoga. I thank you all the time for classes and words can't express how much gratitude I have for you.

  9. 김근영

    It's amazing. It was effective hamstring and booty very much. I love it. Thanks Ali.

  10. Rachel Dorrian

    I did this workout yesterday…I can barely walk today! My glutes and hamstrings are so sore…I love the burn!!! Best feeling ever. Awesome work out

  11. Rosanna Dell

    Great workout, very nice sweat going. Thanks, Ali! Those split lunge jumps were killer. 🥵

  12. D N

    Hi Ali.I always sart doing your workout with good intention.But I give up after sometime and then I start to find excuses not to do workout.How do I overcome that?
    It always happen.

  13. Anel phoenix

    Dear Ali, you are crazy! In all the right kind of ways XD. Trully a superwoman! I don't think I will be able to walk tomorrow thoughXDXDXD

  14. Camera Hogs

    Wow! Love this super intense class! Started the day feeling sluggish, and I am so glad I forced myself to do this class because now I am full of energy and ready to take on the day! I feel like I've sweat out toxins and feel refreshed, though it did take a moment to recover from the class! Love love live it!

  15. MuslimYogi

    Nice, useful and perfect yoga. I liked and joined you.

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