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Unicity Matcha Focus

Unicity Matcha Focus comes from the same tried, true and delicious Unicity Chi-Oka Matcha tea leaves but with added ingredients to increase the benefits of mental focus and clarity. This formulation has less of the naturally occurring caffeine than our flagship Unicity Matcha.

Natural Ingredients

Every formulation of Unicity Matcha is a refreshing blend of natural ingredients that boost energy and concentration, lower stress levels, and increase the rate of metabolism. Unicity Matcha’s principle ingredient is the Chi-Oka Matcha blend, composed of shade-grown ceremonial grade Matcha tea (Camelias Sinensis), hand harvested in Japan, delivering a powerful dose of antioxidants in each serving.



The usage of matcha dates back centuries, a history that demands great respect. Unicity Matcha delivers a delicious and powerful beverage that will change the way you feel and give you the energy to be unstoppable, without the excess sugars.

Unicity’s Matcha is:

  • A natural source of prolonged energy
  • Low glycemic (very low sugar)
  • Rich in vital nutrients and antioxidants
  • Delicious, portable, easy to use

Energize and Focus

Unicity Matcha comes in two different blends to meet different needs:

  • Unicity Matcha Energy for enhanced metabolic energy
  • Unicity Matcha Focus for enhanced mental focus

Unique Benefits

Unicity Matcha is not steeped or ground like traditional teas, meaning your body benefits from consuming the entire leaf and 100% of nutrient content. This includes soluble and insoluble components like chlorophyll, protein, and dietary fiber. Unicity Matcha is made from the highest quality ceremonial-grade matcha leaves, fit to be used in traditional Japanese ceremonies.

Other unique benefits include:

  • Antioxidants: Unicity Matcha is an excellent source of antioxidants from tea, pomegranate, blueberry, etc. Antioxidants help the body fight inflammation and protect it from oxidative damage resulting from poor diet and environmental sources.
  • Catechins: Unicity Matcha provides real cellular energy, not just a stimulant effect. Unicity Matcha contains a variety of special polyphenols called catechins. Like EGCG, catechins have been shown to improve mitochondrial efficiency, boosting energy output at the cellular level. This means you have more real energy to get through the day. Continued consumption of catechins leads to changes in gene expression (genomeceutical), upregulating genes associated with energy utilization. Increased energy utilization means more energy throughout the day, but it also means an elevated base metabolic rate – you burn more calories during the day, even without exercising. Increased base metabolic rate has implications for fat loss. EGCG and other catechins have also been shown to prevent fat storage.
  • L-theanine: L-theanine promotes relaxation and helps reduce the stress response. The L-theanine in Unicity Matcha helps balance out the caffeine such that there is no strong stimulant feeling or jitteriness.
  • B-Vitamins: Unicity Matcha contains full servings of B-vitamins that are known to be associated with mitochondrial function and energy metabolism. The B-vitamins work with the catechins to promote cellular energy in a synergistic way.


Promotes fat burning by providing a metabolic boost.


Supports a heightened focus.


Helps rejuvenate the body and intensify energy levels.

Unicity Matcha Energy

In addition to the highest quality matcha that you would expect from Unicity, we added pomegranate extract, resveratrol, and guarana to encourage long-lasting natural energy. It’s a refreshing treat with only 1 gram of sugar!

How It Works

What makes Unicity Matcha exceptional is that it uses the whole leaf! That way you get all the nutrients that Unicity Matcha has to offer-including chlorophyll, protein, and dietary fiber. Unicity Matcha has both healing and preventative properties that:

  • Help the body maintain healthy metabolism, giving you energy throughout the day
  • Provides a healthy source of natural Caffeine and L-theanine which helps provide mental clarity without a classic crash like most energy drinks
  • Has low sugar to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels and insulin levels

Unicity Matcha Was Added To The Physician’s Desk Reference in 2016

The PDR is one of the most commonly used drug and wellness resources in the world for medical professionals. A nonprofit organization, the PDR provides physicians with accurate information about pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds.


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