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What is Activate?

Activate is a science based approach to health that combines simple core principles, supporting products, and helpful tools to help you embrace a metabolically healthy lifestyle. The program is based on metabolic flexibility, the ability to use both carbohydrate and fat as fuel for the body’s energy needs, for improved overall health.

Activate Principles

Protein is critical in building and maintaining healthy muscle and bone and many people don’t get enough. In addition to having little to no insulin response, adequate protein consumption also helps people feel fuller longer and reduces the tendency to overeat.

Often, hunger and cravings sabotage the most well-intentioned health plans. In addition to having no insulin response, fat digests more slowly than carbohydrate and aids in satiety – helping you feel fuller, longer.

By getting smart about which carbs you eat and when you eat them, you allow insulin levels to fall, which enables the body to utilize and rely on stored fat for energy.

Unicity recommends a form of intermittent fasting we refer to as 4-4-12. By waiting 4 to 6 hours between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, and waiting 12-16 hours between dinner and breakfast with no snacking in-between, we give our bodies the time needed to get into what we call the Fat Burning Zone.

Real Life. Real Results.

The Activate program is about more than what you lose. We celebrate non-scale victories (also known as NSVs) that represent the benefits beyond the number on the scale that we gain from adopting a healthier lifestyle. Check out real stories from our participants sharing the NSVs achieved by following the Activate plan.

Don’t forget to share your #NSV on social media using #unicityactivate for a chance to be featured on our website or social media feeds!


Principles, products and tools that make it easy to embrace a low-carb lifestyle

Metabolic Health is within your reach.


A diet should leave you feeling healthy, not hungry.


Enjoy products formulated to help you succeed.


Access tools to get you going in the right direction and stay there once you arrive.

Supporting Products

Supplements LC Base and Unimate Fuel are the foundational products of the Activate plan and are key to supporting the body’s shift from primarily carb-fueled to fat-fueled and in activating metabolic flexibility.

LC Base is a premium meal replacement that provides an ideal macronutrient ratio of healthy fat and muscle-building protein, while avoiding insulin-spiking carbohydrates. Scientifically designed to aid in activating your ability to burn fat for energy, LC Base offers a subtle vanilla flavor, making it perfect for layering with additional Unicity products. With more convenience and cost savings over a typical meal, LC Base takes the guesswork out of what to eat to achieve your goals and provides a solid foundation to build upon for nutritional success.

Unimate Fuel combines a potent yerba mate extract with chlorogenic acids from yerba mate and MCT-rich fats from coconut oil to provide an energy boost for both body and mind. With two delicious options, Unimate Fuel and Unimate Fuel Salted Caramel, Unimate Fuel is a great way to start your day or to fend off cravings and re-energize between meals.


A good program provides guidelines to help you find and stay on the right path to reach your goals. Our guide, detailed nutrition plan and the Activate app are your partners on this journey to success.

Review the informative guides to learn more about the Activate plan.


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